101 Things

I love reading all the lists other bloggers come up with, so I guess I should start mine. It’s going to take me 10 years though, so have patience.

  1. I’m an only child. And only slightly spoiled because of it.
  2. I’ve lived alone for nearly a year. I haven’t slept through the night ever since.
  3. I love red. I have a pair of red shoes that I plan entire wardrobes around.
  4. I also love red wine.
  5. I have three kidneys, but only one works.
  6. In high school and part of college, I worked at Hallmark. Yet, I’m completely anti-card (unless I plan on writing something mushy), and I buy my wrapping paper from the dollar store.
  7. I have only worked at one place since graduating college.
  8. I don’t like change.
  9. I have a severe sweet tooth.
  10. I’ve only ridden two rollercoasters, and I refuse to ride any more.
  11. I have a debilitating fear of spiders.
  12. I hate that the role models girls have today are Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan.
  13. I truly believe I get Seasonal Affective Disorder from January through March, though it’s never been officially diagnosed.
  14. I’ve never watched an episode of Survivor.
  15. I got my first passport two years ago so I could go to Italy.
  16. I’m ready to go back.
  17. I’m an Army brat.
  18. Because of this, I attended 7 schools between Kindergarten and 12th grade.
  19. Supposedly, I’m writing a book. But I haven’t worked on it seriously for 2+ years.
  20. I love pajama pants.
  21. And flip flops.
  22. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
  23. I love cheese.
  24. And pasta.
  25. And I love when they’re combined to make macaroni & cheese.
  26. And West Wing. Seriously, it really is the best show that has ever graced our airwaves.
  27. I’ve never sold anything on eBay.
  28. I like to hang things on my fridge. Baseball tickets, photos, gym schedules, grocery lists, it doesn’t matter what it is, but it always gives me satisfaction. Maybe it’s because the fridge is all mine for the first time in my life.
  29. I’m competitive. In love, in my career, and in life in general. Whether you’re my best friend or an acquaintance, I’m probably secretly competing with you about something.
  30. I lived/worked/studied in Washington D.C. for a semester in college. I loved the idea of it, but was homesick as hell. Regardless of that, I still wish I could move back and enjoy the mass transit.
  31. My birthday is June 13, which makes me a gemini.
  32. But sometimes I think I’m more of a Taurus.
  33. I enjoy adding suffixes on to words even though it creates a grammatically incorrect word. My favorites are -esque, -ish, and -ness. Also creating adverbs out of non-adverbial words.
  34. I also enjoy elipses and use them when it’s grammatically incorrect. I just feel they make the writing on the paper sound the like the voice in my head.
  35. I don’t have pierced ears. This really doesn’t bother me, except one day I would like to have nice diamond earrings. But even that hasn’t persuaded me to get it done.
  36. I’ve never had a one night stand with a stranger.
  37. I’ve been on stage at a strip club.
  38. I’ve never done any drugs. Never even smoked a cigarette.
  39. This also means I actually don’t know what pot smells like. Even if I do smell it, I don’t know what it is and couldn’t tell you mere seconds after encountering the smell what it smelled like.
  40. From time to time, I forget how old I am. Literally. I’ve often given myself a year either way and then remembered that’s the wrong age.
  41. I find making left turns to be a waste of my time.
  42. I am addicted to teen soaps. Which is why I try to avoid watching new ones that premier. The first step is admitting you have a problem, the second is creating change.
  43. I do yoga. Sometimes, when I get bored with it, the only thing that keeps me going is its trendiness, and that fact that it makes me feel thin and bendy.
  44. I’m picky with yoga studios and classes. I suppose this means I’ve officially crossed from beginner to Advanced.
  45. Yet I still can’t do an arm balancing pose.
  46. When sleeping alone, I listen to the same CD to put me to sleep: Sia’s Colour the Small One.
  47. I really do like my job and I think I’m good at it, but for some reason my boss seems to think it’s not suited for me. Yet she promoted me. Go figure.
  48. I live in Detroit. Yes, in the actual city limits. And yet I’m white, middle class, and have never murdered someone, nor have I been murdered (obviously). It’s my personal mission to debunk your Detroit hate, so bring it on.

More later…


8 responses to “101 Things

  1. hmmmm maybe we were separated at birth…we have tons in common…

    I am an only child…
    I would kill for chocolate or anything with sugar in it…
    I swear I have Seasonal Disorder but maybe cuz I live in MI…
    I’ve never watched survivor…
    Tuscany is on my list of places to go…
    I’ve been writing a book since 2004 (it’s still not done)…
    I love flip flops, cheese, pasta, carbs 😉
    My birthday is June 14th…although I feel more like a Cancer sometimes…

    Crazy! So in light of this I am adding you to my blogroll & reader

    Also because you commented me about the Wings which is AWESOME! 🙂

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  4. Love the list…especially the Seasonal Affective Disorder, which we also get in Texas!

    I call it Spring Fever, this sounds much more “for real!”

    I can’t wait to get caught up on your blog.

  5. Fun list. You seem like a cool person.

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  7. You seem fresh and uncomplicated, and your blogsite sky blue; all good.

  8. Ok, so did you watch Newsroom? What did you think? E

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