Kids today

[Begin old lady diatribe]

Yes, I know I’m only 26, and therefore closer to my teen years than middle age, but it has to be said — I often wonder about kids today. Growing up, I didn’t get into trouble, didn’t understand how to do anything illegal, and was generally a good kid. As were all my friends. Even those kids that weren’t my friends seemed like “good kids”. Yeah, maybe they got into trouble, but I didn’t see them flashing their va-jay-jays in public. But kids today, well, all I can say is watching them grow up makes me afraid to raise my own kids.

But really, who can blame them? Pop culture today is not what it was 20 years ago, or even 10. This whole thing hit home for me last weekend. DD and I had an 80s bash to go to for his friend’s birthday. So, out came the crazy colors, side ponytails, and monster ballads. Along about 1 a.m., tired and intoxicated, we turned off the 80s Billboard Chart Toppers and turned on the 80s T.V. theme songs. Ah, Growing Pains, Punky Brewster, Cosby, and Diff’rent Strokes. Oh how lovely did Family Matters and Full House sound (O.K., maybe we headed a bit into the 90s, but still, you get the point). Sitting there, singing “As long as we’ve got each other…”, I began to realize how good we had it. All of those shows were strong families who faced troubles, but everything could be solved in a half hour. More importantly, these shows presented strong role models and an actual family-friendly television experience. No need for V-Chips here.

Compare those to T.V. today. Reality T.V. abounds and don’t even get me started on the pop culture icons of Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears that kids have to look up to. Yes, I suppose we had our fair share of trainwreck icons too, but somehow, it all seems different. I don’t feel like they were the norm. I feel like they were part of the culture, but not all of it. And now, it’s just different. And sad. Sad that my kids won’t get to enjoy shows like we did — that made us stay home on Friday nights, just to catch up with the Tanner family.

I guess that’s what God made TV series DVDs for.

[End old lady diatribe]


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