Follow up to my electrical perils

As you probably read, I had a small electrical issue with my stove a couple weeks back. When deciding how to deal with it, I called my dad, not my landlord, because my landlord is notoriously lazy/drunk and takes forever to fix things. As in, he takes three weeks to unclog my shower. He also took about three weeks to resolve a squirrel issue in my attic – and that’s still not resolved, it’s just how long he took to even start to resolve it.

But my dad has the response time of a normal, non-lazy/drunk person. So I called, he promptly fixed the stove, and $54 later, I was back in the business of cooking.

I finally got a hold of my landlord today (because he didn’t return my voice mail from a week ago) and told him what had happened and that I’d gone ahead and replaced the burner and would there be a way I could get reimbursed. The conversation went something like…

Supergirl: Hey. I blew a burner on my stove. My dad replaced it, but it was $54. Is there any chance I can get reimbursed?

Landlord S: Well…I will this time, but I really prefer to make the repairs myself, because I will probably have an appliance guy come take a look and now I’ll also have to pay him.

Supergirl: Well…I would have called you, but it seems to take you a couple weeks to fix things, and this needed to be fixed right away.

Landlord S: Yes, well, now that we understand each other….

Supergirl (to myself): Yeah, well, maybe if you didn’t take a bajillion weeks to get rid of a squirrel that still isn’t gone, and then only took any action about it after I stalked you for a week, then I’d be more apt to call you when emergencies arise. But in the meantime, I don’t have time to stalk your ass for everything that goes wrong in my apartment. And since I’m living in your ghetto-ass apartment building, it should also be obvious I don’t have $54 to just go around replacing things with. So give me my money and start being a responsive landlord and this won’t happen again.

Yes, Landlord S, we definitely understand each other. If by understand  you mean I communicate something to you and you respond with vague, incomplete sentences and we end up nowhere.

I’ll bet money he doesn’t even call the appliance guy to check on the place like he said he needed to. 



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3 responses to “Follow up to my electrical perils

  1. I get no mention in the blog after you talked me into breaking up with my boyfriend? That’s not more interesting than dinner and a broken stove:)

  2. Supergirl

    It’s not my problem you’d made the decision, I just told you not to drag it on forever. But you did get a mention on one of my other blog posts if you look close 🙂

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