Relaxing v. Touring

Today, we woke up at 6:45 a.m. (I know, right?!) to get to the Supreme Court by 7:30 a.m. to stand in line for two hours in the hopes of seeing oral arguments. Needless to say, our early morning was a waste because we didn’t make it in. Who knew insane amounts of people were nerds like us? The most frustrating thing was that we were in the front of the line, but thanks to “special groups” we were only in the front of the line of the common folk. Which apparently is the back of the line overall. In 40 degree weather.

I wish we would have gone to the Bahamas.

About 10 a.m., when we realized we weren’t getting in for the first case, and had a long shot at the second case, we left and walked by my old house on Capitol Hill. Then proceeded to grab breakfast and head to the Newseum, a museum about news, obviously. Which was cool. It’s always cool when I go there, and it just moved to a new facility like 2 days ago, so that was great. Then, we hightailed it back to the hotel because DD had a conference call, and my dogs were barkin’.

Side note: It’s quite sad that after only 2 days of walking in relatively comfortable shoes, my feet hurt like hell and my calves are cramped. I have lost so much of my college-girl shape from my days walking MSU. I used to be able to walk across campus in flip flops. Now, one day in comfy shoes and I’m done. It’s depressing.

Of course, laying down while DD was on his call made me not want to get up, especially after getting lambasted by my boss for not filing her idea of the appropriate paperwork before leaving town. Hey, I can’t help it my back-up plan had to go to a funeral. But I can and should have, so thanks Boss for guilting me. She’s very exhausting. I conned DD into crawling into bed for just a minute, and an hour later, he’s sleeping next to me and I’m writing this. And still not really wanting to get out of bed. Which brings me to a pivotal question:

Is that OK? We’re in our nation’s capitol. Shouldn’t we be moving nonstop, seeing all the sights, especially since he’s never been here? We only have a finite amount of time and so much to see. Is it OK we’re wasting away this time in our hotel?

Again I say — we should have gone to the Bahamas. There, it’s expected that you do nothing for several days.

But oh well, we’re having a good time and spending some good quality time together, so I’ll try to suppress the cries of pain from my feet and press on. Tonight we are going to attempt to walk to the White House (only a few blocks from the hotel according to the map, but maps tend to lie), then hitch the Metro to Chinatown and then the National Mall, and do my favorite (but loooong) monument walk.

Tomorrow, we’re out of the hotel by 7:15 (that’s a.m., dear readers) to get to Capitol Hill by 8 to meet with Debbie Stabenow during her weekly constituent meeting. Then to see the Senate in session hopefully and the Air & Space Museum before meeting up with my cousin for some yummy chili and pub trivia.

Despite my whiny-ness, I’m happy I’m here. We had a fabulous dinner together our first night and in general have just gotten along well and navigated the city pleasantly. I just wish we could sleep in a bit, but I think we get to sleep in on Wednesday…

I need to go to the Bahamas.


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