All good things must come to an end

And I guess that includes vacations. We arrived back in the D this afternoon and I was home by 8 p.m. Let’s see if I can wrap up the remainder of our trip in a few short notes.

  1. The monument walk I referenced earlier was wonderful. DD loved the seeing the city in all its beauty and I swear I was thisclose to getting him to move there. We were all lovey and happy and warm in the cool night air and it was good.
  2. Then Tuesday came. Our second early day. We’ll call this the low point of the vacation. Tired and crabby, I was not pleasant company and I think DD could sense it. In trying to be chipper and uplifting, he instead got on my nerves (yes, I admit it! The man GOT ON MY NERVES). Luckily, before I went all Crazy Supergirl on him, we were able to meet up with my cousin for dinner and pub trivia. This unlikely oasis provided us with people other than one another to interact with, which was just what I needed to stem the craziness. Then, my dad showed up randomly (he had last minute business in the city and had known where we’d be with my cousin). While some men would think this odd and slightly scary, DD rolled with it and the evening in general was pleasant and served to reconnect me with my man as well as provide a little taste of home and family.
  3. Wednesday night we had a small crisis which I won’t go into because it’s just entirely too personal. Needless to say, it ruined a certain intimate aspect of the rest of the trip, and will most likely affect said aspect for a couple weeks to come. Booo.
  4. We headed to Baltimore Thursday and met up with my old roommate, who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. It was great catching up and she even joined us for an Orioles game. We also had the most awesome hotel room in Baltimore, with a corner suite and view of Camden Yards. One day, we didn’t get out of bed until 2 p.m., except for running downstairs to partake in the free breakfast. Of course, that was a great day in my mind. I think DD probably wishes we would have done more, but he seemed content sleeping in next to me.

And now I’m home. DD and I were supposed to have one more night together while we attended a party his roommate was throwing, but upon waking up this morning, DD was coming down with quite the cold. In an effort not to get me sick, he drove me home and we’re both forgoing the party. Well, at least I think he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went anyway, fever and all.

I thought I would be ready to come home and have some time to myself, but instead, walking into my apartment and saying good bye to DD and our vacation was a bit of a downer. My place smells of unuse and badly needs to be aired out. I have a week’s worth of mail and bills awaiting action. I need to put away laundry I’d done before I left, and add a full week’s worth of laundry to the empty basket. And I’m alone. I got used to having DD around, and while there was a time or two where I’m sure we each wanted to kill the other person, we generally got along. It felt like longer than a week and it will be very weird to sleep alone tonight, wake up tomorrow and go about my day without him, and return to another grueling week on Monday. Again, all without him. Life will return to normal, seeing one another once or twice a week.

All good things must come to an end. But that doesn’t mean I can’t plan the next trip. I think this time it’ll be a long weekend in Traverse City.


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