Updates on a Friday night

Thought I would update on the softball game that has had me nervous all week and ramble on about a few other random things.

The game went great, if by great I mean that I came away without any bruises or blood loss. We lost miserably (so bad that the mercy rule was actually put into effect…), but we all had a great time doing it. Turns out I don’t completely suck! In fact, I was able to hit the ball both times I came up to bat and only got tagged out on one of those times! And my fielding wasn’t so bad either, though I will say I’m quite happy playing left field, and not having to do much fielding at all. I came home full of energy, which is new for me on a Thursday night, so that was an added benefit. Of course it helped it was still light by the time I got home and the air was pleasantly warm. Have I mentioned I love spring?!

As far as other randomness of the week, let’s just say I’m glad it’s Friday. I had a couple meetings this week that had me a little nervous. One I think went well, or as well as I can expect. And the other one, well, let’s just say the other one was a bust. The person I was meeting with stood me up twice. So I’ve decided I’m done with that particular person.

Work was pretty crazy this week too. I had to deal with a little project being blown into a huge ordeal (isn’t that how it always happens?!) that ended with me and a couple colleagues in my boss’s office because the woman who we had done the little project for went and ratted us out. And really, she was just as at fault as us; but she’s a diva, so I had to spend the afternoon bowing before her presence and telling her how sorry I was that I made her, like, work.

Thanks to all of the above, I decided to make tonight a homebound night. I had a couple friends call with plans to hang out, but I didn’t feel like driving into the D. Even though I definitely would have had fun, and probably could have met up with DD and stayed downtown, I’m actually kind of looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and heading to my local coffee shop to grab a drink and cozy up with a book for a couple hours before I have to head to DD’s nephew’s birthday party.

All in all, life is feeling pretty good. Only two things have me down: 1. That my favorite lasagna did not turn out for dinner tonight and 2. I have a nasty bump on the back of my knee that has me rather worried. It’s been there for awhile and I’ve been ignoring it because I think it’s just a harmless bump that I get from time to time, but now it actually hurts and my inner hypochondriac is beginning to work in overdrive. Hopefully when I go in to see my dermatologist next Friday she’ll say it’s just one of my routine bumps that happened to pop and that it’s no big deal. Fingers crossed.


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