An open letter to MDOT

Dear MDOT,

Two quick observations. 1) Your detours suck and 2) If you’re going to close, say, an entrance ramp to the freeway, just keep it closed. Enough with this opening on the weekdays and closing on the weekends shit.

You’ve made it virtually impossible to enter or leave the great city of Detroit thanks to all your fabulous road improvements, which I will agree are sorely needed. But, you make the pain of road construction even worse when you change things up. Last week, I rejoiced to my Savior when you reopened the Madison Ave. exit on I-375. But then, oh but then, this morning came and I was hurrying to get out of the city and start my day when I realized too late that you had closed it again. I spent the next half hour navigating the cement wasteland that you have made I-75.

While it was great that you reopened it last week, I would have preferred to use my usual detours until you had the ramp completely done and ready to be permanently utilized.


P.S. — E. Grand Blvd. is basically one giant pothole that eats my car every time I go under the train tracks. Please fix.


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