Rants to the blogosphere

1. Ohhh, Bachelor Matt. Why, oh why did you choose Shayne? I mean, I realize the alternative wasn’t anyone special either. In fact, she came out of nowhere and you’ve been all about Shayne since the beginning. But c’mon…she’s 22 and ACTS 18. You’re like 30 and an investment banker. I can’t believe you just want arm candy. But maybe that’s what British investment bankers care about. I just don’t get it. You seem like an intelligent guy, don’t you want someone who knows there’s not palm trees in London?!

2. Ohhh, DD. We take 4 steps forward and 1 step back. You’ve been gone over a week on a business trip and family vacay. I’ve talked to you once on the phone and nearly daily via text. Lack of phone time aside, I half expected you to call me to let me know you got in safely today. Maybe even say “hey, let’s get together tonight, I missed you.” But nothing. Not even a text. I’m sure you have a good reason, you’re not a bad boyfriend. You were probably working late; could even still be at work. You probably needed to catch up on the homefront. I know that I could just as easily call you and avoid much of my annoyance. Relationships are a two-way street after all. But I like to let you steer the car down this particular street because your independent streak needs it to go at your pace right now. And mostly I’m OK with that. But some days I wish your pace was faster than a turtle.



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2 responses to “Rants to the blogosphere

  1. I’ll admit that I wasn’t totally wild about Shayne, but I was less wild about Chelsea. I don’t know, something about her just rubbed me the wrong way and it always seemed like she was trying SO HARD. Plus I like Shayne’s final rose ceremony dress best, and when it comes to the Bachelor, that’s what most of my final preferences end up coming down to!

  2. Supergirl

    True, true. Really, none of the girls were stand-out this time around.

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