On being sick

I do not understand how this illness came on. Literally, last night I was at yoga, all focused and relaxed in downward dog, feeling completely fine, when I felt a little throat tickle. I tried to cough it away, and it got worse. A mere hour and a half later, I was experiencing full-on cold symptoms. I found myself curled up on DD’s bed, pulling his bedspread over me, crying because I was sick…and this is the worst time to get sick…and why couldn’t I get sick last week because this weekend we have a wedding out of town that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks because I get to wear a sexy black dress I bought last December. As I wiped the tears away, he looked at me like I had five heads, kept his mouth shut, and folded me in his arms. Because what else do you do with a sick, hormonal woman?

I’m definitely a wimp when it comes to sickness. But in my defense, my sicknesses lately have been particularly annoying because they come at very inconvenient times. Like when DD and his friends plan a big fancy dinner at one of the top restaurants in the city. Or anytime the same two friends come into town. They must think I’m not real because the past two times they’ve come to visit, I’ve been home, sick on my couch, while everyone else gets to go out and play.

On the plus side, I worked from home today, and once I finally got the strength to get off the couch to make some soup, I also changed the channel from soap operas and put in my beloved West Wing DVDs. I have an absolute love affair with this show and even though I’ve seen every episode a million times, I still can’t get over it. The smart writing, amazing actors, and fabulous DC-ness just sucks me in. Plus, it’s actually an eerily psychic show, considering they had a plotline a few years ago about the Democratic Party being at odds and unable to decide on a candidate, all the way up to the Democratic National Convention. Sound familiar?


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