Le Bachelorette

I’m already addicted to The Bachelorette. Truth be told, this is the first Bachelorette season that I’ve watched. But I did watch the season that she (and everyone else) was rejected by the Bachelor — the season that stunned America. (dun da DUN)

DeAnna’s a nice girl, a guy’s girl, so it should be fun to watch. Especially since the last season of the Bachelor was kind of a bore. None of the women were standouts and I just didn’t care, I watched more out of habit than genuine interest.

But with The Bachelorette, I’ve already got my first impression faves (in order of favorite-ness):

  1. Jason the single dad. He’s got a genuine-ness to him that I really, really like. She had me very worried when he was the second to last selected. Had he not been picked, I think I might have cried. Unfortunately, I think I saw him in the season previews getting his heart broken by her. I hope I’m wrong!
  2. Richard the science teacher. Not obscenely attractive, but definitely cute in that nerdy way that I do love so much. He’s also very sweet and genuine. And she must like it too because he got a first impression rose.
  3. Jeremy the lawyer, who’s also already gotten a first impression rose. My only hesitation with him is he has a bit of a smoothness to him that makes him look rather self-assured and cocky. We’ll see.
  4. Graham, the bball player/entrepreneur/nonprofiteer. I’m not really sure what he is, and he’s not really my type, but also has some genuine-ness to him. She also seemed to really like him.

The quiet horse could definitely be Eric the senior analyst, who is Greek. DeAnna is also Greek and her heritage is very important to her. He could swoop in on that alone.

The one person I was sad to see go was Luke, the oyster farmer. He was a little dopey, but you just had to feel for the guy. But, at least she got rid of most of the crazy crazies.

And last but not least, one of the crazy crazies, Greg. A personal trainer who wasn’t chosen and literally ripped off his shirt into multiple pieces to show off his muscles and tattoos. And then proceeded to howl at the moon. I’m pretty sure he has a small penis.


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  1. glamorousgoodgirl

    I have not watched the Bachelorette or Bachelor since Trista’s wedding. I LOVED her and LOVED the wedding (for her because it was way too much pink for me) and LOVE that they are still together with a new baby boy.

    But, maybe I should include this on my DVR now?? Hmm…I already have so many tv addictions, I wonder if that would really be healthy. :/

    Thanks for posting on my blog and yah! for annonymous blogging! 🙂

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