Things to look forward to

In the absence of anything of note occurring, and the need to post something, anything to keep this thing going, I present a list of things I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks. For a resident cynic, this is quite glass-half-full of me.

  1. Sex. Sex and the City comes out this Friday and I! Can! Hardly! Wait!
  2. Racing. The Red Bull Air Races are coming to the D this weekend. I really have no idea what they are, aside from the fact that they involve small planes racing through obstacle courses on our Riverfront. Though I’m pretty clueless, I’m looking forward to it and hoping the weather makes it a great way to spend an afternoon outside.
  3. Birthdays. Mine, to be specific. The big 2-7 is just a couple weeks away and DD let it slip that he’s taking me to Iridescence, which I think is the only AAA 4 diamond rated restaurant in the state. Another I! Can! Hardly! Wait! moment. I’m already picking out what I’m going to order and I promise to bring you all the foodie details that this amateur foodie can provide.
  4. Anniversaries. The end of June marks 12 whole months in a stable romantic relationship. I really don’t know what to do with that information because it’s kind of a first for me. But it’s exciting.
  5. Trips. To celebrate #4, DD and I are heading to Traverse City for a weekend, which leads me to…
  6. Wine. I love me some wine tours and the main reason for going to Traverse City is so I can go on one and drink said wine heavily. And bring a lot back to drink heavily on my couch.

June is going to be quite the good month.





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3 responses to “Things to look forward to

  1. YES. I am so psyched about SATC. Seriously.

  2. I love wine. And I’m seeing SATC on Saturday night. So pumped.

  3. You are going to LOVE Iridescence. I am so full of foodie jealousy right now…

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