50×365 explained

I’m (very slowly) writing about people in my life and including random numbers and their names in headlines. I realized tonight that perhaps they may wonder what on earth it is.

It’s called the x365 project. Basically, you’re supposed to write daily for a year about a different person who has influenced your life. Many people have chosen to limit their posts to a certain number of words, perhaps in an effort to make it more profound. I however, find the limit to be frustrating and, well, limiting. But I’m a follower, so I’ve created the limit of 50 words. Hence the category “50×365”. Anytime you see a number followed by an “x” and 365, that’s what the post is about. The number is of course the number of people I’ve gotten through, which is currently only a measly 5.

When I found the project, which has been going for a while now, it motivated me to finally get off my duff and start a “real” blog, but I’ve found it’s become an almost nonexistent part of my blog. I’ll try to be better.


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