Sharing a bit of blogger love

Rialeilani bequethed a fun blogger shout-out to me, and I’m just so excited! I’m coming about 5 years late to the blogging trend, so it’s hard, ya know? But I’m happy that people have taken the time to read this and hopefully you all enjoy doing it! As the tradition apparently goes (I’m new at this, so I don’t know all the fancy blogger etiquette!) I will now pass on the shout-out to some of the blogs I love reading every day. And so I present to the following bloggers the:

Ursula (not so) proper: A real-life friend/coworker who battles the 9-5 grind every day with me. Really, I’m just excited that I finally get to read her blog because she kept it super top secret for a long while!

D-Tales: A Detroit gossip/happenings blog. I just love reading it and then wowing my Detroiter boyfriend with all the good stuff I know about that he doesn’t.

My Red Stapler: Honest and open. I also love her new blog that recalls moments of dialogue. What a creative idea!

Oh! How Lovely!: I just adore this name. Every time I see it I say it inside my head just like it’s punctuated.

Wickedly Scarlett: Angela was the first person to reply (via e-mail!) to a comment I made on her blog. She made me feel all welcome and fabulous in this blogger world.

What Liz Said: I read her to live vicariously through her life in D.C. Crossing fingers she gets that place on Capitol Hill!

Sweats in the City: Great, concise writing and I just love following her life. It’s way more exciting than mine!

One Hundred Eighty Nine Words: Another real life friend who took on blogging as a way to stay motivated to write about something for other than work or law school. And I can admire that, it’s a tough thing to do.

Slippery Indian: He needs to blog more often because his wit is annoyingly addictive. And I only say “annoying” because I used to date the man. So I say it with all the affection of an ex-boyfriend turned friend that I can muster. Which is a lot amazingly enough. 

Those are the ones I love…any more that you love? Leave links in the comments section and we can all benefit from your favorite bloggers!



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7 responses to “Sharing a bit of blogger love

  1. Aw, thank you, honey! And I read daily… I’m just a terrible commenter.

  2. Aw thanks! You’re too sweet!

  3. Oh my goodness! I have never gotten a blog award before!!! I am going to take that icon right home and put it up on the fridge. Er, sidebar.

    thank you :o)

  4. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I’m just catching up on my blogs, and I’m so glad I read this–you’ve absolutely made my day!!

  5. trendycamper

    Thanks for the props.

    I’d like to recommend

  6. I love bloggers who link to other bloggers! Some of the people you mentioned I read (and love!) but I’m excited to check out the ones I don’t know.

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