There were fireworks when we met

Tonight was the 50th annual Target Fireworks. On this occasion last year, I was on my second date with DD.

Some people say they see fireworks when they meet someone great. Me on the other hand? I literally saw them.

Our first date had been the night before, and it had been great. We’d gone out for sushi and then headed back to my place and watched Top Gun, because he’d never seen it. We cozied up on the couch the entire time…there was more coziness than I think I’ve ever had on a first date. I talked through the entire movie because I was so nervous. Will he kiss me? Does he like me? Do I like him? God, he’s hot.

Ah, the joys of new relationships.

Our date was so good, he invited me to a BBQ his roommate was throwing the following night in honor of the fireworks. I agreed, even though I didn’t know any of friends. My friend who set us up was kind enough to go with me and hang around until DD showed up. I can still picture him walking across the park in his suit, straight from a hard day of due diligence (hence the DD, duh!). Gosh I love a man in a suit.

Eventually, we headed off to meet up with our friend (who set us up), who also hooked us up with a fabulous rooftop view for the main event. When the fireworks started, we were so close, it felt like we could reach out and touch them. We’d been drinking, which meant I was losing my requisite second-date awkwardness, and we were getting cozier by the minute. Watching the fireworks, we were all huggy and coupley and a few people even asked our friends how long we’d been dating. They thought it had been months, that’s how natural we were acting together.

After the fireworks were over, we headed to a bar for some food. Cuddley the whole way, we settled in at the bar with my friend (who set us up) and some others. It was late, I was tired, and all I could think was that I really wanted to go home with this guy. But I barely knew him, and I didn’t want to screw it all up with a one night stand. I asked my friend how I should handle the situation and she replied “just let it go as far as you want, and then put a stop to it. Or just flat out tell him you’re not going to bone him.” Yeah, she’s kinda blunt like that. Somehow, neither option fit. But I was tired enough and my hormones were amped up enough that when I went back to sit next to him and he asked where I wanted to go next, I told him to take me home. To his home.

I was able to prevent any one night stand mistakes with a simple: “Just so you know, I’m not a good time girl” comment. I thought it would be a light-hearted way to break the ice. I meant it jokingly to get the point across. But the poor man didn’t know what to do with himself. Thinking back, what the hell is a good time girl?!?! What the hell does someone who’s not a good time girl do?! Anyway, I recovered and luckily he hasn’t held that ridiculous comment against me since he now understands my nerdy sense of humor! And understands I am, in fact, a good time girl.

So, with all that good history, I’ve been looking forward to fireworks night all year. Ready to relive the memories, maybe even snag the same view. But alas, it was not to be. DD’s out of town working. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, and in fact I almost forgot they were happening tonight. But then I turned the TV on to watch and it hit me. This sucks. It’s just not the same. And as sappy as it is, it’s actually slightly depressing that DD and I can’t be together to re-experience one of our big milestones.

I texted DD with a photo of me sitting on the couch, watching the fireworks, lamenting about what a bummer it was he couldn’t be here. He replied:

“Don’t be sad. Look at the bright side. Last year, you didn’t know what lied ahead. This year you know you have someone who really likes you and we have a great weekend ahead of us.” (referring to our upcoming anniversary trip to Traverse City.)

Immediately turned my frown upside down. Ugh, I’m in this one deep. Scary…but so good.



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3 responses to “There were fireworks when we met

  1. Great story! Remember when they used to be on Wednesday nights?! I remember when it was easy to get to Canada, we used to go during the day and drink when we were 19 😉

  2. I definitely know the feel. I’m in deep too.

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