Excuse me while I waste precious time

I’m blogging at work. For no other reason than because I can. Why you ask? It’s the first time in 2 weeks that I feel caught up after taking on this new (but not really new because it’s the same job only more piled on) job. And I don’t know what to do with myself.

I’ve never blogged at work. Well, wait. Maybe I did once, but I think it was because I had a story so good, so juicy, I was afraid I would forget it by the time I was able to get home and get comfy on my favorite only fabulous red couch. Of course, now, I can’t remember which oh-so-good, oh-so-juicy post that was. Obviously it was a pivotal life-altering moment.

But I digress. Onward and upward.

Blogging at work feels a little weird. A little illicit if you will. Not nearly as illicit as being violated by a stripper, but illicit nonetheless. Do you blog at work? Do you feel the same or am I the only one out there feeling all guilty and clandestine? I feel like I’m executing some secret operation, what with my mouse poised and ready to click my screen over to a more work-related project, and my furtive glances to the hall in front of my office.

On the other hand, I kind of like it. It knocks the whole blogging thing off my to-do list so that when I get home and cozy up on said couch, I can happily NOT turn on the computer and instead turn my attention to some excellent Friends and Seinfeld re-runs or other similar time waster. As much as I love the whole blogging thing, staring at a computer screen when I get home from 8 hours of doing the exact same thing gets a little, well, burdensome. It’s really much easier if I can take care of all computer-related things between 9 and 5. But then there’s that pesky work thing again. Hmm.

So, what was this post supposed to be about aside from my need to waste time? It was going to have a theme. Hmmmm.

Oh yes, pet peeves. (I know…totally related to concerns over blogging at work, right? You can see the common line between the two, can’t ya? Don’t worry, I can’t either. Such is my brain.)

Pet peeves. I’m a big pet peeve person. Easily annoyed by the little things. In fact, I have an entire category entitled “peeves” here on my blog, yet I’ve only used it once. When I started this blog, I thought my voice would be a lot more cynical that it has ended up being. Some would say being all sunshine and flowers all the time is a good thing, but I feel like it’s taken away a lot of my blogging fodder. Because I find the cynical voice so much funnier than the “I’m so happy I have a fabulous boyfriend who loves me (even though he doesn’t say it) and life couldn’t be better” voice. How boring.

To inject something other than sunshine and flowers, I present two of my most recent pet peeves.

  1. Why do the asswipes who drive large conversion vans or trucks have to park all wonky-eyed in the very narrow public parking structure near my office? Every day I have to navigate my own boat of a Taurus through it and I’m constantly afraid of hitting one of their larger than life vehicles. Because they like to take up two spots. Or park in a manner that almost blocks the entire driving lane. What, because you singlehandedly illustrate our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, you get to park however you want?
  2. Construction season in Southeast Michigan can officially kiss my ass. I almost got barricaded in my city this morning because I couldn’t find an entrance ramp to the freeway that gets me out of my city and off to work. I’ve never felt so trapped, except earlier this summer when all exits leaving/entering the city of Detroit seemed to be closed. There really should be detailed construction alerts on the news every morning so that I can find out what has changed in the past 24 hours. Then again, here in Metro Detroit, that “little” segment, would probably encompass the entire half-hour news show.

For you optimist lovers out there, sunshine and flowers will no doubt return tomorrow with a special post celebrating 365 (366 with the leap year) days in a stable, romantic relationship.



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4 responses to “Excuse me while I waste precious time

  1. I blog at work and I love it because I don’t have to do it when I get home. But even though I spend 8 hours a day on the computer I usually get on for a bit at home. It’s a sickness.

  2. Yeah, anniversary, love love love blah blah. Love has robbed you of your cynicism, poor thing!

    Kidding. I blog at work sometimes too, but more often I just run through the blogroll while I’m having breakfast or lunch at my desk. When I feel like writing a post and I get afraid that the IT police will run my internet records, I type it up in Word and email it to myself for posting as soon as I get home. Sneaky, huh?

    Happy Anniversary. Really :o)

  3. It really has robbed me…sometimes I miss it 😦

  4. I used to compile all of my events listings at work for another publication I’m involved with, and draft MySpace blogs in Yahoo (MySpace was blocked at work) to be posted later.

    Then I got laid off.


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