Who would have thought?

Today marks the 365th day (366 with the leap year) since my first official date with DD. To some of you long-term relationship folk, this may seem trivial; but to me it’s a pretty big deal. I dated someone during and after college for about 3 years, but it was so on and off, I don’t think we ever actually celebrated an anniversary. So this past year, with all its stability and relative ease has been amazing.

Last night (or early this morning if you want to get technical), DD leaned over and said “Happy Anniversary.” I replied “I know. A whole year! Who would have thought us two relationship-challenged people would make it this far.” Along the way, we’ve each had our requisite freak-outs and come to Jesus meetings, but we’ve somehow worked through it.

As I reflect on the past year, all I can think is that I really care for this guy (dare I say I love this guy…). And because there hasn’t been an insane amount of drama as there was in past relationships, I can actually see a future with this guy. I can picture our life in my head and that’s scary. As I’ve said before, he’s a little slow, so while celebrating a year is a big milestone, there’s still a long road until any sort of white dress. This thing is far from locked down, but it’s closer to that point than I’ve ever felt.

Since I’ve never celebrated this kind of thing, and since I’m a nerd, I’ve decided to do a special blog post in honor of the occasion. I present 20 fun facts in no particular order about our relationship, our history, or why I like him so much.  While he doesn’t read the blog, I think it still pays a nice homage to the man behind the Supergirl.

  1. At my birthday party last year, after only knowing me a week-ish, he got on the dance floor at the club and danced with me — without me asking.
  2. Yet, he’s an awful dancer. But his dancing makes me laugh…in a good way.
  3. After the birthday party and each of our first few dates, he texted me with a “I had a great time and look forward to seeing you again” kind of text. Extra attention is always nice. 
  4. After about 2 months of dating, I invited him to come with me to Lake Michigan over Labor Day to visit some friends. I had planned on going for just a day, but he suggested extending the trip to the entire weekend, having never met my friends and barely knowing me. And we had a great time.
  5. When I complain about an aspect of our relationship that he has a part in (i.e. his crazy work schedule), he understands and respects my side.
  6. He makes me a priority. Even with his crazy schedule and need for space, he gives up things to be with me. This is actually a new concept for me.
  7. He’s a goofball.
  8. We think alike. In fact, there have been occasions when he’ll bring up a subject that I was thinking about at the same moment, and vice versa.
  9. I sleep more soundly next to him than I have with any other guy. For some reason, this is a determining factor in how good a fit someone is for me.
  10. He has no game. And I love that.
  11. He loves Detroit and city life. And I’m a city girl.
  12. He’s good to me. My mom once said that my father has never been an extremely vocal man as far as expressing mushy feelings, but that he’s always been good to her and that’s what’s important. And it’s so true. I’ve always looked for the mushy expressions of love, but isn’t this more important? Actions speak louder, and all.
  13. He’s upwardly mobile. It may sound materialistic, but oh well. Truth is, my self-worth is wrapped up in my career, so it’s probably only natural that I enjoy a man who is equally focused on his career and is doing well at it. I feel like DD places the same value in his job that I do in mine. Probably more so. And that’s OK, I don’t mind a guy that can provide for me, even though I’m perfectly capable of providing for myself. (I know, I know, it’s all very 1950s of me. Don’t hate, feminists among you.)
  14. He likes fine things…and not-so-fine things. We love our greasy spoons and dive bars as much as we love 4-diamond dining establishments. It’s nice to share in the variety, which leads me to…
  15. He motivates me to try new things. Why the hell do you think I’m playing in a softball league, when I never even owned a baseball glove until this past April?!?!
  16. He doesn’t hold my flaws against me.
  17. He’s cutey-cute-cute (this really should go without saying!)
  18. His family is important to him.
  19. He’s nice. Which sounds generic and cliche, but I’ve never had so many friends of the guy I’m seeing say how nice their friend (my guy) is. His friends and acquaintances are constantly confiding in me, saying he’s one of their favorite people or saying he’s the nicest person they know.
  20. I trust him. Which I’ve never completely experienced with someone. Usually I’m a Jealous Janice, often for no real reason. With him, I just don’t play that game.


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4 responses to “Who would have thought?

  1. “He has no game. And I love that.” That made me laugh out loud! He sounds absolutely adorable, and I completely agree–treating someone with kindness, respect, and love is more important than all of the mushy sweet nothings in the world. Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Does he have a clone? :/

  3. Andrea

    Reading this makes me so happy! 🙂

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