I’m thinking about…

  1. Switching gyms. I realized last night that I drive 24 miles roundtrip to the gym. That’s insane. There’s a fabulous new Y right by my office for weekday workouts, and another ghetto-fab but sufficient Y by my apartment for weekend workouts. And it would be cheaper each month, I’d just have to fork over that initial initiation fee. But switching gyms takes so much effort and research, and I’m not what you’d call motivated. And I love the yoga teacher at my current gym. But going from 24 miles to 2? That’s tempting.
  2. New gym clothes. I’ve known for awhile now that I need new clothes as my sports bras are getting a bit worn. But it’s become increasingly apparent in recent days.
  3. Bikini Waxes. I’ve never had one, and to be honest I’m not so good with the maintaining of that particular area. Not that I don’t do it, I just think it’s one of those things probably better left to a professional. But I’m scared. What about the pain?! And what about all the cash it costs to maintain that shit? It’s kind of like that Pringles saying goes…once you pop, you just can’t stop. I fear my monthly budget will go into overdrive with waxing upkeep. I’m also unsure of where to go. Right now I go to an Aveda school near my apartment. But I just came home from getting my eyebrows done and I’m a tad unhappy with them. Should I really trust an unknown student with the V zone?
  4. A new phone. My contract is up (finally!) and I can get a new phone for free-ish at the end of this month. I don’t want to switch providers, but I do want to give them back my LG Chocolate and tell them to shove it up their ass while picking out a pretty new flip phone that will be less likely to dial random people like my mom at inopportune moments when I’m complaining about my ass and groin.
  5. The next big idea. I had my performance review with my boss today (this is the 4th and most likely final one. Thank God.) Anyway, one of the things I need to work on is the whole creativity thing. Getting out of my “that’s the way we always do things” rut and coming up with new ideas. Which I like doing, but it’s hard.
  6. The psychic. My work friends and I decided today that we’re going to head to the psychic on Friday after work. There’s always time for questions and I never know what to ask, outside of the usual “how’s my love life?” and “how’s my career?”. Have any ideas?

I think that’s about it. What trivial items are on your mind these days?



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4 responses to “I’m thinking about…

  1. did the eyebrow debacle make you consider bikini waxes? Yeeks. I hope not. Those things scaaaare me. What if it ends up arched funny? ;o)

  2. 1. Doesn’t the UDubya pay our initiation fee at the Y if you sign up for payroll deduction? I could have sworn that it was waived or at least reduced.

    2. Have a recommendation for the waxer if you don’t mind driving to Somerset.

    3. BootyEaze… rub it on before the wax. (But don’t leave it in your luggage when traveling.)

    4. I’m trying to come up with my psychic questions too!

  3. Wow 24 miles round trip to the gym is way too far. Y’s are nice most of the time. I need new workout clothes too but I can’t get too cutsey or matchy-matchy no way.

    I need a new phone too. Maybe we should shop together 🙂

  4. Cog

    I’ve been thinking about taking up drinking… But some days even that’s too much work…

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