Nebraska: Boredom ensues

You know, a trip to Nebraska isn’t as ripe for blogging as it once was. Today, I started the day out with a little Full House and then spent four hours watching back to back episodes of One Tree Hill and The O.C. on Soap Net. Obviously, I really miss cable.

So, in lieu of fun Nebraska drama, I’m going to blog about two things that came along pre-Nebraska and cable TV overload.

Item 1: My snazzy new cell phone!

On the day my contract was up, I went to two Verizon stores (the first one was closed, but I persevered) and found myself a non-ghetto-fabulous-piece-of-trash-phone. Funny thing though, my piece of trash phone was the first generation LG Chocolate. I swore I would never (NEVER!) buy a chocolate again. I would not be swayed by another trendy phone and would simply get a lovely flip phone that wouldn’t call random people.

Fashion before function, I say. I walked out an hour later with the LG Chocolate 3.0:

At least it’s a flip phone. I agonized over the decision, but it was the same price as the other non-Chocolate flip phone I was looking at — and this one is wayyy prettier. So far, my testing proves that it is highly unlikely to call people at random and inopportune times, so perhaps they finally worked all the kinks out of the Chocolate label and I invested in a quality phone.

Item 2: The Big L

So, we said it. The I Love You conversation finally happened. It wasn’t so much a conversation as a phrase spoken by a tired DD following a lovely party we’d attended where we’d mixed and mingled.

I didn’t say it right back to him — I waited another 15 minutes or so, when we were drifting off to sleep. Finally, after over a decade, a man told me he loves me and I feel the same way. I thought there would be fireworks and romance, but there wasn’t. And that’s OK. It felt very normal and every day. Like we’ve felt this way about each other for some time, but just found the words that express it. 

I was talking about love with my cousin who’s getting married on Friday. She went through a lot of the same emotions with her fiancee that I’m having — starting out the relationship with googley eyes, and then struggling to understand as those go away and are replaced with something less romantic but more real. She offered me a good insight. A while back, she had been in church and her pastor had given a sermon on love. He commented that love is a choice you make. I don’t remember the rest of it, but it has something to do with the fact that love isn’t some mushy expression — it’s a choice. A choice to care for someone and go through life with him or her, in the good times and bad times.

I like the comparison. It shows that love is work. It’s not romance all the time, it’s a choice you make to work hard alongside someone else to create a life you want. That’s not a characterization of love that I’m familiar with, but I think it’s a more realistic one. And it’s a choice I believe I want to make with DD.



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6 responses to “Nebraska: Boredom ensues

  1. ohhhh your phone is pretty 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about love lately and I think that’s a perfect explanation. It’s a choice we make. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Court

    That is great 😉 You didn’t mention that before!!!!

  3. first of all, thank you for stopping by my blog the other day!

    secondly, your new phone is pretty and hurrah for verizon.

    thirdly, i love hearing about the first “i love you’s.” thank you for sharing. =) i’ve heard time and again from everyone and their mama that no relationship will stay in the “honeymoon” phase forever, and it’s those that can survive after the fact that are real. i am long past the “honeymoon” phase of my relationship now, and while we have endured some ridiculously rough patches, we are still together and going strong.

  4. Love the new phone! And the OC marathons are always the best on Soapnet. Love them. Congrats on the “love” talk too, always nice to hear 🙂

  5. Alison

    oo! Very exciting step in the relationship path. I also like the advice on love being a choice- although the idealist in me still wants it to be some sort of Jane Austen-y inevitable choice (is there such a thing?), and that after a time you accept that there’s simply no one else you would choose to make a life with.

    Enough of the ch word, sheesh. Though, speaking of inevitable choices… my contract with tmobile is up in December, and despite all my protesting, Verizon keeps popping up as the best alternative. damn! Will keep the LG in mind though : )

    Enjoy the old NE!

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