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Super Outfit! Volume 1

A new feature! Although I just got a new camera, and let me just say it’s a pain in the ass for taking self-photos, so it may be a short-lived feature if the pics continue to turn out as crappy as some of these did!

But…on to the feature!

I’m pretty fashion-dumb. Whether it’s choosing what goes with what or what’s appropriate to wear in a certain season or to a certain function, I’m pretty clueless. That’s where you come in! From time to time, I have occasions come up where I need fashion advice. I’ve noticed the Internets seem to be kind to other bloggers, so I’ve decided to join the ranks of self-photo takers across the land. I’ll present several options, please tell me your favorite in the comments! This is also an excellent opportunity for all you lurkers out there to come out of hiding and help me look semi-fashionable.

For Volume 1, I have a dinner event to attend. DD is being promoted, and there’s a dinner for all the promotees at the TPC Michigan (that’s Tournament Players Club where the pro golf tours go, for all you non-golfers like myself). So, think country club chic. It’s on a Tuesday night, after work. It’s the end of September, in that tricky space between summer and fall. People attending will be a lot of accountants, including firm partners, managers, and their guests. 

I’ve devised several wardrobe options. I don’t just want to go with an ordinary pants suit that I’d wear any old Tuesday…but then again, is a dress too much for a dinner on Tuesday night? Plus, I’m not much of a country clubber, so I really have no idea what’s appropriate.

Let’s look at dresses first, shall we?

Option 1:

Business attire with a touch of sweet

Business attire with a touch of sweet

This dress is actually made of a suit material, making it appropriate for work when worn with a cardy. I like pairing it with this champagne cardy and champagney-pink heels for a touch of sweetness. But is it too sweet? And too summery for late Sept.?
Option 2:
Flowers abound

Flowers abound

I love this dress and luckily it’s strechy because I’ve had it for many years. First bought for a wedding (Hi TrendyCamper!), it’s a great summer dress that DD hasn’t seen yet. I would probably accessorize it with red shoes and a red wrap. Is it perfect for a dinner on the links? Or still too summery?
Option 3:
Unwrap this number

Unwrap this number

I heart this wrap dress. The long sleeves make it appropriate for the season, and I tend to pair it with red peep-toe pumps, which sasses it up a bit. Can also be casual or dressy, which is appropriate for an event at a vague locale like a golf course. But, it’s so versatile I wear it all the time and I feel like DD might like a change of pace.
And now, on to the skirts.
Option 4:
Pink power

Pink power

This pencil skirt is my fave. You know how you have certain clothes that make you walk a certain way? This skirt does that. And I like the hot pink and brown. Another love are the boots, which are the shoe version of clothes that make you walk a certain way. They put that extra sass in my step (when I’m not tripping over the heel). But, do the short sleeves make it too summery? Are those boots too sassy for those conservative accountants?
Option 5:
Cardies are always appropo

Cardies are always appropo

Same skirt, same boots, new cardy. Appropriate for fall, and the cardy is quite bright and flattering to the figure. I’m kind of leaning toward this, but is it too boring? Do I need to be more dressy and less business-ey?
Option 6:
Flowers and cleavage

Flowers and cleavage

This is the newest outfit of the bunch, and hasn’t been worn yet. It was a gift and when I first tried it on, it felt a bit unflattering. Upon re-evaluation, it’s gaining on Option 5 in my book. I would obviously wear a cardy with it, and I like the cleavage it provides, but is it too much? And is it still to business-ey with a run-of-the-mill black skirt?
So? What do you think?


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The one with pictures of bras

Due to my current blogging block, I’ve seriously considered regurgitating posts from my days as a MySpacer. After all, 99.9999% of you have never read them. But that wouldn’t really be a good blogging practice, now would it?

However, I realized there was one blog topic from the good old days that could use some input from this blogosphere.

And that topic? Is about bras. Strapless bras to be exact.

I’ve been thinking about this since mcgee wrote a post mentioning strapless bras, because they present quite an undergarment conundrum. I had just discovered her blog and was so excited that I could offer her the same strapless bra nirvana I’d found just two short years ago (and subsequently blogged about on MySpace). I rushed over to the Web site, which of course I’d favorited, and prepared to send her the link. I could only gasp in disbelief as the site loaded and I saw the dreaded:

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

Why, oh why, did I only buy one? It took me months of searching and a trip all the way to the Australian Internets to find that bra. And it’s fabulous. With this revelation, I’ve moved from blogging odes about fabulous Australian bras, to searching for a replacement. 

First, let’s look at the many options available to the women of today. All photos were taken from Bare Necessities. In my 10+ years of experience with this undergarment, I’ve found 4 or 5 standard styles:

Option 1:

Your typical underwire strapless

The vanilla version

This is of course the most common and ranges in varying plunge lines and push-up-ness. However, I don’t understand how it could possibly be popular. The only pro is that is has underwire, which is critical for me. But, they say it goes up to a G cup, yet my C’s have never had any luck keeping one of these up. It slips, it slides, and it gaps out so there’s an inevitable space between the lovely ladies and the top of the bra. Doesn’t really work for that whole seamless look I strive for. Variations of this bra also include degrees of push-up, which I could really do without. I feel that just gives less space for the actual ladies to breathe, and makes me look pornographic. Which is fine, just not at fancy cocktail parties with accountants.

Option 2:

The lovely bandeau

The lovely bandeau

Ah, the bandeau. How I love thee. You are very seamless, and you get rid of that whole pesky slipping and gapping thing with your elastic on the bottom AND top. However, 99% of every bandeau bra I see lacks underwire. And for me, that’s a dealbreaker.

Option 3:

The suffocator

The suffocator

Yes, the model looks all smiley and happy, but that’s just because she can’t exhale to move her mouth into a different position. They call it a long-line, maybe to make you think it’s slimming you up into one “long line” while keeping the ladies perky. The last time I wore a bra like this was my junior prom and that’s not long enough. My stomach needs to breathe y’all, and with this bra I’d love the slimming and perking factor right up to the moment I eat a piece of popcorn. And then I’d have to run screaming from the room and tear it off because the popcorn digestion process would have exceeded the allowable space of my bra.

Option 4:

The sticky one

The sticky one

I think this one, like, sticks to you. I’ve never tried a version of this type, but I can only assume it also sags with you if you’re much more than an A cup. My ladies deserve some perk (but not too much perk; see the vanilla one, above). Plus, I’m entirely too low maintenance to un-adhere my bra after a long night on the town. At that point, all I can muster is having DD take it off for me because I can’t be bothered to reach around and undo the hooks. And to be honest, he’s not so good with the hooks, so I’m sure something that sticks to me would be an even more difficult concept for him to grasp.
Option 5:
The combination pack

The combination pack

This is the closest I found to the fabulous Australian strapless bra that I’m currently looking to replace. It’s got the underwire and the bandeau. It doesn’t suffocate, and it’s easily removable. However, my bra doesn’t have the oddly separated boob pockets that this one does. So that’s turning me off a bit. But ideally, this is the type of bra I strive for. Without the boob pockets.
Ah well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board and long nights of looking at pictures of women in varying states of being strapped in. To their bras, that is. Help me avoid it by suggesting a strapless bra you love. 
And stay tuned for tomorrow, when I’ll introduce a new feature: Super Outfit! In which a strapless bra may or may not be used. 


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Look at me now!

Things are changing up in here. For starters, I finally got off my bum and picked a new theme so that I could use my own header. I’ve been wanting to have my header be a skyline shot of Detroit for awhile now, and I finally remembered to snap a shot, and then finally got around to messing with WordPress and getting it up. Voila!

It’s making me very excited and my thought is that I’ll upload a new photo header every week (or so), and dedicate a blog post to where the photo was taken or what it means to me.

This week’s photo was taken from my car during my morning commute. I can’t put on make-up while driving, but I take a mean photo!. It’s taken on Woodward Ave., which is a main artery of Southeastern Michigan and boasts being the first mile of paved concrete road — ever — in the world. Sometimes, the potholes remind me of just how old that damn road is.

Anyway, because construction sucks balls my usual freeway exit is closed, I’ve resorted to driving the 15ish miles to work straight down Woodward from my suburban downtown to the real downtown. I absolutely love the point in the commute where this particular shot comes into view. It showcases some of downtown’s skyscrapers from a different view than the oh-so-overshot view across the river from Windsor, Canada.

I’m really hoping this new photo header turned blog topic sparks some blog fodder, because lately I’ve been suffering severe blog block. If the block doesn’t end soon, I may have to start stealing topic ideas, like this guy’s. Actually, I love the idea he came up with, so I may still honor it by doing something similar, but not the same. Is that so wrong? 

With the theme change complete, there are a couple other things in the works, namely some new pages with an updated blogroll and awards that prove just how super I am, as well as completing my 101 things. So please forgive any dust as I get it all set.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is a name change because, well, duh, Supergirl is a trademarked name and as I work to grow my readership past 10, I should probably think about changing it. Honestly, I didn’t even think of this when I started the blog (yes I’m a little slow). But last week I had a potential legal issue arise at work not related to the blog, but it’s still made me quite the hyper-sensitive chica.

Problem is, I really don’t want to change the web address, because that’s just a hassle. So what I’ve decided to go with is A Super Girl and use the same web address. Yeah, I know, it’s not as cool as just being Supergirl, but it is cooler than being thrown in the copyright jail.  Those white-collar criminals can be scary. I’ll probably become “a super girl” in all your comments as well, just so you’re not confused when you see me pop up next.

And I think that’s all from the land of blog maintenance. Whew, I’m tired!


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Feeling anti-social

I’m supposed to be headed to a girl’s weekend after work today. Problem is, two of my friends backed out this week, so it will be me, the host (who is a good friend), and 10 other girls I’ve met like once.

I’ve been trying to get excited about it all week, but I just can’t. Work has been crazy and I have a ton of other things I want to do at home and to be honest, the last thing I want to do tonight is drive 2 hours only to spend 24 hours with a bunch of people I barely know. Besides, next weekend DD and I are heading to Grand Haven to visit my friends, and that’s enough driving in my opinion.

So I’ve decided to back out. I really feel bad about it, because I did want to see my friend who’s hosting the thing. But with my other friends not going, the weekend would have been less about relaxing and letting loose with some of my closest friends, and more about semi-relaxing while having to be social with people I don’t know. Being social with my closest friends is one thing, being social with relative unknowns who all know each other is a whole different ball game.

I won’t lie, I’m kind of notorious about being anti-social. If I’m not guaranteed to see people I know at an event, I probably won’t go. I’m not what you’d call a networker. I don’t like to schmooze. I’m not a fan of making small talk with strangers. Meeting new people makes me nervous. Basically, I’m just your average introvert with brief flashes of extroversion — usually after I’ve had a couple glasses of wine.

Making this decision is kind of a huge weight off my back. Now I don’t have to make brownies, pack and finish all my work in the next 2 hours. Now I don’t have to get in the car and drive all the po-dunk roads — most assuredly getting lost at least twice — only to turn around and drive home tomorrow night.

Instead, I’ll be spending my weekend doing these things:

  • Sailing with my dad. He’s supposed to be racing our boat 22-foot dingy tomorrow morning and needed crew. It’s possible the race will get cancelled, in which case, we’ll have a fun couple hours on the water before heading to my parents’ for some free food.
  • Reading. I started The Magician’s Assistant by Anne Patchett, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.
  • Cleaning. My bathroom is pretty funk-tastic. My apartment needs a vaccumming. My refrigerator needs organizing. Mail needs sorting.
  • Lounging. Oh Netflix, how I’ve missed thee. I’ve been having to squeeze you in amongst other things, but now I can really sit down and spend some quality time with you.

Hope all of you have an equally relaxing weekend!


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Not living up to my name

My Supergirl monniker isn’t so accurate these days.

I don’t think I ever shared how I chose my blog name. At work, we were coming up with fun nicknames for everyone on my team and I settled on Supergirl because I do a bit of everything, which must mean I can do anything! You name it, I can do it. Photography? No sweat. Media relations? Sure thing. Writing collateral? Why not. Coming up with entire marketing plans? I’ll have them next week.

When I started my blog, I thought the name was cute and catchy so I used it. Besides, I really am Supergirl, right?

Yeah, not so much.

This month has been nothing but headaches. I’ve made two fairly major mistakes at work in the past two weeks — one of which could have cost the organization money, but I avoided it; and another that is shaping up to cost several thousand dollars if someone doesn’t get in there and fix it for me. Yep, I’m now at a point where people higher than me have to fix my mistakes. And I hate that.

To my boss’s credit, she hasn’t gone ape-shit on me yet. Which is somewhat surprising given her random mood shifts, but I’m considering myself lucky. However, I am getting a little sick of the panic attacks that have been coming on as I figure out how to — yet again — explain a mistake to her.

After all, I’m supposed to be focused on upward mobility. I’m supposed to be taking on more work and doing it effortlessly — just like Supergirl would. And in doing so, I’m supposed to be proving myself so that I can get that coveted manager title and accompanying salary, which would hopefully take me out of the suburban ghetto and into a much nicer pad.

To prove yourself, you probably have to not make so many mistakes.

In reality, what’s happening is that I’m learning. Which is what’s supposed to happen when you’re thrust into a new job with little or no direction. Unfortunately, I like to beat myself up. I like to pummel myself upside the head when I don’t do things exactly right. Because even though I’m in a new-ish role, I’ve been at the organization nearly four years and I should know everything by now. According to me at least. And truthfully? This latest mistake? I actually should have known better. This mistake was not a new role, I’ve been doing it since my first day on the job. The mistake just became a mixture of my oversight that would have been small had a confluence of ridiculous events not occurred that even the best psychic couldn’t have predicted. But the events happened and my minor mistake has become one gigundo problemo.

I hold myself to a higher standard than this, and I’m not living up to it. I feel like my work is slipping. The e-newsletters I’ve been tweeting about all week? They suck. Because I haven’t had the time to focus on them and give them the attention they deserve. OK, maybe they don’t suck; they’re adequate, but I know I could have done better and it frustrates me that I can’t and still maintain any sort of a work/life balance.

They aren’t the only thing I feel slipping. There’s so much I want to do at work, but I can’t get out of the muck of the day-to-day. I come in every day with the best intentions of working on those wants, but instead I get bogged down by unrealistic deadlines placed on me by the internal departments I serve (aka my clients) and the other things that pop up along the way. I struggle to find the balance between accommodating the needs of my clients and the reality that the deadlines they demand really don’t fit in the overall plan for the organization. And as more and more of these things pop up, I get sidetracked, lose focus, and inevitably oversights and mistakes are made.

Some would say I need help. But the funniest thing about this whole situation is that I’m the type that finds it easier to just do it myself instead of teaching someone else. So, with as much as I bitch about having too much to do, I don’t want to just hand it over to someone because that creates a whole new set of problems and to-do’s. Plus, I doubt they’d authorize me to have help. We like to run a small ship.

Supergirl would know what to do. She’d get it done and she’d get it done flawlessly. Me on the other hand? I’m just a bumbling amateur playing dress-up in a sexy superhero outfit.


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All about me (me!)

I was tagged a while back by rialeilani. And how perfect it is, because I’m killing time until DD’s flight gets in from Chi and I can head downtown to meet him. So a quick and dirty blog post really hits the spot for me. And hopefully for you, too!

I am: hot. As in body temperature. Although I’m sure I’m pretty hot looking, too!
I think: weekends should be 5 days long and the workweek should be two days long.
I know: I am loved.
I have: confidence in my relationship with DD.
I wish: I lived in a cute, trendy loft. With central AC.
I hate: my lack of motivation.
I miss: my friends from high school. Life was simpler then.
I fear: rollercoasters. Spiders. Death.
I hear: people yelling and screaming in Beijing. 
I smell: nothing.
I crave: cheese. It’s less a craving and more of an addiction. Because it’s constant and unrelenting.
I search: for the perfect theme for my bedroom. There’s nothing on my walls because I can’t decide what I want to do.
I wonder: how my future will play out.
I regret: not much.
I love: DD!
I ache: when I’ve eaten too much.
I am not: a good time girl. Or so I told DD on our second date…not the best way to break the ice! 
I believe: in God.
I dance: alone. with DD. after watching someone dance on TV.
I sing: in the car.
I cry: at random times, like after a moving news story or sappy movie ending.
I fight: passive-aggressively
I win: occasionally
I lose: at softball. My team had a pefect record this season. Of losing.
I never: go to the farmer’s market across the street from me. I really should.
I always: lock my apartment door after I enter.
I confuse: easily sometimes.
I listen: badly. I really need to work on it.
I can usually be found: in my cubicle at work. On my red couch, computer in my lap, at home.
I am scared: of death.
I need: physical touch.
I am happy about: the fact that tomorrow is Friday.
I imagine: someday not having to drive my car in Detroit thanks to our awesome (yet to come) mass transit.

I won’t tag anyone because I don’t know who’s a fan of memes and who really isn’t so much. So I leave it up to you to freely steal the meme off my site if you, too, are looking for a quick and dirty post.

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Reason #5305 why men are useful

To handle all car-related issues.

I’m a lucky girl. I have a great dad who has always taken care of any car-related issues. Changed the oil, done the maintenance, bought new tires, basically all the shit I could really care less about. But today, I was feeling rather like that was very high school of me, so I tried to rise above. Being the independent chick I am, I decided to take over one aspect and get my oil changed. Simple enough, right? Not so much.

I get to my friendly 10-minute oil change locale and all goes according to plan. The friendly technicians go about their business, tell me a couple things that are wrong but don’t say they’re by any means dangerous. But then, oh but then, there’s the serpentine belt. Apparently that’s cracked to the point that I better get it repaired — like yesterday. He said I could just buy one there, but that my dad could probably get it a bit cheaper (he knew my dad was my car-taker) so he made me promise to tell my dad and have him fix it. Which of course I will do, and I wouldn’t have bought something from them even if they’d tried the hard sell. My dad’s always got car hookups and gets things a bit cheaper.

But, in his valiant attempt to sell me car parts, the technician got me freaked out enough that I’m now scared to drive my car for fear the belt snaps and my car “just stops working”. Obviously, I can’t just give up my car until dad can swoop in to rescue me because I live in Detroit. Where I drive 30 miles roundtrip to work and refuse to take our only form of mass transit — the bus — because busses in general scare me (and it’s unreliable and it would make me have to wake up an hour earlier than I currently do, but I digress). Basically, I require very specific mass transit, i.e. trains or rails of some form that run on a frequent and commuter-friendly schedule, a la Chicago or my all-time favorite, Washington D.C. (P.S. Liz has a great header featuring my beloved Metro, check it out! But again, I digress.)

Anyway, luckily, my mom took pity on me and exchanged cars with me for a couple days so my dad can get the part and fix the stupid thing. Whew.

But after this oil change trip, I really have no interest in continuing to take care of my car issues, and I’m going to happily turn the job back over to my dad or some other male-type person. I don’t like feeling judged for what’s wrong with my car. I don’t like to determine what is an “Emergency Fix” and what can wait. And I don’t like feeling afraid to drive my car because of alleged “Emergency Fixes”. Best left to a man to deal with, I say.

The feminists among you may tell me to empower myself and learn about cars, but guess what? I really don’t give a flying f#%@. Seriously. It’s kind of like 401Ks and IRAs and investing in general (which is reason #4204 I need a man…) I just don’t care. I don’t understand cars (or investments) and I have absolutely no interest in learning about them. When someone starts talking about them, my eyes immediately glaze over. That part of my brain doesn’t work and I’m totally fine with that. I can’t be an expert about everything, you know.


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