Nebraska: Must be noted

There are a couple things I forgot to mention in my last Nebraska recap. And I promise this will be the last of it.

The first thing is the amazing way DD handled the extended family time. There were many times where he was left alone with my immediate and/or extended family. And one or two times he was left entirely alone. I have little or no idea what went on when he was alone with my family, but whatever it was, he hasn’t left me for it. Had I been him, I would have been nervous as hell. Shaking perhaps. Him? Not so much. He handled it all perfectly and it just made me love him more.

The second thing is the ease with which DD handled my various obsessions with wedding-related subject matter. And it deserves mentioning, because man, that boy amazed me with his patience and non-running for the hills.

To be fair, he brought it up. We were sitting at the rehearsal, waiting for the show to start. He asked me who I would have in my wedding. Somewhat startled by the open invitation to discuss weddings, I immediately rattled off the 3 or 4 women who would be my attendants if I were to get married tomorrow. We then discussed those and who he would ask. It was all very generic. Until I tentatively said “Well, if it were you and I, I would certainly have…” and named a couple individuals who are special to him (his cousin, his niece, etc.) He didn’t freak out and nodded his head in agreement and even started to play into my wedding talk.

Well, that wasn’t the best idea, because then I let the Niagara Falls of wedding-ness crash down on the man. For the next two days, I was talking about venues, plans, and other lessons I was learning from my cousin’s wedding. I tried to keep it all generic, but duh!, in my head it wasn’t. And I was asking his opinion, so I’m sure he knew that.

Yet, he didn’t totally freak out. In fact, my mother freaked out more than him, occasionally getting her fill of wedding talk and saying “[Supergirl], I can’t believe you’re still talking about this! Stop bugging [DD] with it all!” And then providing the requisite eye roll to DD. He simply laughed and continued to take it.

I made the excuse that it was all coming up just because we were innundated with wedding-ness, that I’m not normally like this. And I’m not. But all that talking about weddings did get me to thinking…

Oh well, I’ll just tamp it back down in the depths of my mind…I don’t see a wedding in my immediate future. And by immediate I mean the next decade.



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2 responses to “Nebraska: Must be noted

  1. The lack of freakout on DD’s part is an excellent sign! Not necessarily that he’d be off to Tiffany’s tomorrow, but even warming up to a non-hypothetical wedding. God, would it be nice to be in a relationship like that.

    Jealous :o(

  2. I second the above motion of jealousy. As much a fan I am of blasting PCD’s “I Don’t Need a Man,” sometimes…well. Anyway.

    And you need to STOOOOOP with the self-deprecating “I’ll never get married so why bother talking about it” girlie drama crap! Stop or I will blogger-bitchslap you!

    You’ll be engaged by/on the New Year. Mark my words.



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