All about me (me!)

I was tagged a while back by rialeilani. And how perfect it is, because I’m killing time until DD’s flight gets in from Chi and I can head downtown to meet him. So a quick and dirty blog post really hits the spot for me. And hopefully for you, too!

I am: hot. As in body temperature. Although I’m sure I’m pretty hot looking, too!
I think: weekends should be 5 days long and the workweek should be two days long.
I know: I am loved.
I have: confidence in my relationship with DD.
I wish: I lived in a cute, trendy loft. With central AC.
I hate: my lack of motivation.
I miss: my friends from high school. Life was simpler then.
I fear: rollercoasters. Spiders. Death.
I hear: people yelling and screaming in Beijing. 
I smell: nothing.
I crave: cheese. It’s less a craving and more of an addiction. Because it’s constant and unrelenting.
I search: for the perfect theme for my bedroom. There’s nothing on my walls because I can’t decide what I want to do.
I wonder: how my future will play out.
I regret: not much.
I love: DD!
I ache: when I’ve eaten too much.
I am not: a good time girl. Or so I told DD on our second date…not the best way to break the ice! 
I believe: in God.
I dance: alone. with DD. after watching someone dance on TV.
I sing: in the car.
I cry: at random times, like after a moving news story or sappy movie ending.
I fight: passive-aggressively
I win: occasionally
I lose: at softball. My team had a pefect record this season. Of losing.
I never: go to the farmer’s market across the street from me. I really should.
I always: lock my apartment door after I enter.
I confuse: easily sometimes.
I listen: badly. I really need to work on it.
I can usually be found: in my cubicle at work. On my red couch, computer in my lap, at home.
I am scared: of death.
I need: physical touch.
I am happy about: the fact that tomorrow is Friday.
I imagine: someday not having to drive my car in Detroit thanks to our awesome (yet to come) mass transit.

I won’t tag anyone because I don’t know who’s a fan of memes and who really isn’t so much. So I leave it up to you to freely steal the meme off my site if you, too, are looking for a quick and dirty post.


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One response to “All about me (me!)

  1. I also cry at random moments and I fight passive aggressively too. Like my friends call me the “passive aggressive monkey.”

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