Feeling anti-social

I’m supposed to be headed to a girl’s weekend after work today. Problem is, two of my friends backed out this week, so it will be me, the host (who is a good friend), and 10 other girls I’ve met like once.

I’ve been trying to get excited about it all week, but I just can’t. Work has been crazy and I have a ton of other things I want to do at home and to be honest, the last thing I want to do tonight is drive 2 hours only to spend 24 hours with a bunch of people I barely know. Besides, next weekend DD and I are heading to Grand Haven to visit my friends, and that’s enough driving in my opinion.

So I’ve decided to back out. I really feel bad about it, because I did want to see my friend who’s hosting the thing. But with my other friends not going, the weekend would have been less about relaxing and letting loose with some of my closest friends, and more about semi-relaxing while having to be social with people I don’t know. Being social with my closest friends is one thing, being social with relative unknowns who all know each other is a whole different ball game.

I won’t lie, I’m kind of notorious about being anti-social. If I’m not guaranteed to see people I know at an event, I probably won’t go. I’m not what you’d call a networker. I don’t like to schmooze. I’m not a fan of making small talk with strangers. Meeting new people makes me nervous. Basically, I’m just your average introvert with brief flashes of extroversion — usually after I’ve had a couple glasses of wine.

Making this decision is kind of a huge weight off my back. Now I don’t have to make brownies, pack and finish all my work in the next 2 hours. Now I don’t have to get in the car and drive all the po-dunk roads — most assuredly getting lost at least twice — only to turn around and drive home tomorrow night.

Instead, I’ll be spending my weekend doing these things:

  • Sailing with my dad. He’s supposed to be racing our boat 22-foot dingy tomorrow morning and needed crew. It’s possible the race will get cancelled, in which case, we’ll have a fun couple hours on the water before heading to my parents’ for some free food.
  • Reading. I started The Magician’s Assistant by Anne Patchett, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.
  • Cleaning. My bathroom is pretty funk-tastic. My apartment needs a vaccumming. My refrigerator needs organizing. Mail needs sorting.
  • Lounging. Oh Netflix, how I’ve missed thee. I’ve been having to squeeze you in amongst other things, but now I can really sit down and spend some quality time with you.

Hope all of you have an equally relaxing weekend!



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6 responses to “Feeling anti-social

  1. This blog doesn’t sound very super-girlie…

  2. Supergirl

    Supergirl’s tired. Consider this an example of her alter-ego 🙂

  3. I totally support your decision and get where you’re coming from with the extrovert/introvert thing. You’ve definitely earned a weekend off, and I hope you enjoy all of that delicious relaxation you have planned!!!

  4. High five! Relaxing weekend is the way to go. My extremely-social persona only gets about 5 hours of playtime each weekend, and the rest is spent chilling to recover from those 5 hours. Enjoy the boat and the book and the Supergirl-recharging time.

  5. Honestly I would have tried to back out too. When you’re stressed out and dreading it, that’s not good for anyone. That stinks your friends had to back out.

  6. I’m pretty anti-social too. In fact, I’ve already told two people I have plans this weekend because after spending last weekend around people for my birthday, I’m ready for a Saturday night without anyone around.

    And I might just go to bed at 8pm.

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