Look at me now!

Things are changing up in here. For starters, I finally got off my bum and picked a new theme so that I could use my own header. I’ve been wanting to have my header be a skyline shot of Detroit for awhile now, and I finally remembered to snap a shot, and then finally got around to messing with WordPress and getting it up. Voila!

It’s making me very excited and my thought is that I’ll upload a new photo header every week (or so), and dedicate a blog post to where the photo was taken or what it means to me.

This week’s photo was taken from my car during my morning commute. I can’t put on make-up while driving, but I take a mean photo!. It’s taken on Woodward Ave., which is a main artery of Southeastern Michigan and boasts being the first mile of paved concrete road — ever — in the world. Sometimes, the potholes remind me of just how old that damn road is.

Anyway, because construction sucks balls my usual freeway exit is closed, I’ve resorted to driving the 15ish miles to work straight down Woodward from my suburban downtown to the real downtown. I absolutely love the point in the commute where this particular shot comes into view. It showcases some of downtown’s skyscrapers from a different view than the oh-so-overshot view across the river from Windsor, Canada.

I’m really hoping this new photo header turned blog topic sparks some blog fodder, because lately I’ve been suffering severe blog block. If the block doesn’t end soon, I may have to start stealing topic ideas, like this guy’s. Actually, I love the idea he came up with, so I may still honor it by doing something similar, but not the same. Is that so wrong? 

With the theme change complete, there are a couple other things in the works, namely some new pages with an updated blogroll and awards that prove just how super I am, as well as completing my 101 things. So please forgive any dust as I get it all set.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is a name change because, well, duh, Supergirl is a trademarked name and as I work to grow my readership past 10, I should probably think about changing it. Honestly, I didn’t even think of this when I started the blog (yes I’m a little slow). But last week I had a potential legal issue arise at work not related to the blog, but it’s still made me quite the hyper-sensitive chica.

Problem is, I really don’t want to change the web address, because that’s just a hassle. So what I’ve decided to go with is A Super Girl and use the same web address. Yeah, I know, it’s not as cool as just being Supergirl, but it is cooler than being thrown in the copyright jail.  Those white-collar criminals can be scary. I’ll probably become “a super girl” in all your comments as well, just so you’re not confused when you see me pop up next.

And I think that’s all from the land of blog maintenance. Whew, I’m tired!



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3 responses to “Look at me now!

  1. your header makes me miss my morning commute to detroit.

  2. oh hey there Detroit. Nice to see something familiar out there in blog world–good job on messing with WordPress, I have yet to try something so brave

  3. Yeps, change is good. I like the new header!

    I’ve got shesgotbaggage.net coming up when I get my new design from Delicious, but you know if you get your own domain name in WordPress, it will link to this page. So you can buy it and we could read you from either address and you still use WordPress for editing.

    Either way, I’m following you!!!

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