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Yes, I’m alive. No, I’m not a multi-tasker

Hello world. Miss me much?

I seem to be getting increasingly bad at this whole keeping up a blog thing. Most of my favorite bloggers post every day. Me? I can’t even get on a weekly schedule. I could tell you I’ve been working my skinny little ass off, but that’s not a very good excuse.

The real reason? I’m just shitty at multi-tasking. 

It often boggles my mind that others with more on their plates still find time to blog every. single. day. Single mothers who have kids and jobs. Women my age who work full time and plan their weddings. College students with mounds of homework on top of jobs that pay the bills. And me? I’ve just got a job. No kids, no homework, no major life events to plan. Not to mention the fact that my man is away 5 out of 7 days of the week, so you can’t even really count my relationship as “getting in the way”.

So what gives?

Even though the majority of my blogs are a brain dump, written from my stream of consciousness, they still require time. Time to sit down and focus. Or, more accurately, time to not be focused on other things.

That’s my problem, I guess, all the “other things” that tie up my day and require focus. I’m learning that I can’t watch a new TV episode or one of my Netflix finds while doing something else that requires focus — like blogging. I’m no longer able to listen to the TV with my ears and surf the web with my eyes. My brain just can’t handle all those inputs. Sad, but oh so true.

It’s also a matter of my day job I suppose. Every day, I sit at my desk and write. Words that become sentences and eventually turn into paragraphs. Key messages that get plugged into various assignments. Part of my job is to write and you know what? When I get home at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is come up with more words. 

And part of it is a lack of blog fodder. I used to use the drama in my life as blog content. But these days, there’s just no drama. And I just don’t know what to do with myself! But if I’m going to keep attempting to build a blog, I should probably reframe how I think about the content and find something to talk about on a regular basis.

But that would take focus and energy. And remember, I’m not a multi-tasker. Nor an energetic sort.

What all of this is is just an explanation of where I’ve been. And where I’ll probably still be sometimes. I may never be an every day blogger. When I started blogging, it was out of enjoyment and I didn’t feel pressured to be constantly up-to-date. Now, I’m feeling some self-inflicted pressure. Eventually I’ll find my rhythm and get back to the enjoyment of blogging. In the meantime, follow my tweets, because I’m definitely keeping up with that.



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A lucky Wednesday

I was supposed to run errands after work today.

Instead, I got a facial.

I’d booked my usual boring brow wax at the local Aveda Institute that I’ve been going to for about a year. Cheap-ish prices for what you get, and no tipping since it’s a school. Definitely right up this cheapskate’s alley. Plus, they obviously use Aveda products, which I love (LOVE!)

Anway, I walked in and the girl at the desk told me they’d had a cancellation and would I be interested in a complimentary facial. I was only half-listening because I figured it was just another sales pitch, but the “complimentary” caught my attention. I confirmed that it was, in fact, free and I could pick from any of the facials they offered — from $32 to $50+.

I’ve never had a facial, and normally with something like this — unknown and therefore somehow risky in my worrisome mind — I would pass over it. But for some reason, I told her I’d love to have the facial. That I had plenty of time this particular Wednesday to be pampered. So they whisked me off, plopped me in a robe, turned down the lights, and worked away.

And boy was it amazing! Who needs to pay a higher price for a massage when you basically get a massage as part of a facial? My scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, and feet were all massaged at some point. And all the good smelling products on top of it? Oohh boy was I loving it. I wasn’t fully relaxed for the whole thing, partly because I was a first timer and partly because I still couldn’t believe there wasn’t a catch. In fact, I half-expected to have to pay afterward because of some sort of miscommunication.

But an hour and a half later, I walked out of there with a facial valued at $40, which I got for $11, the cost of my original appointment for a brow wax. Not bad for a Wednesday night.


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As you’ll recall, I alluded to a mini-meltdown over where DD and I spend our time. It’s really been on my mind this week, mainly because DD left town Monday morning with nothing more than a simple kiss from me — as I was still a little melted down, if you will. I hate leaving this unfinished, and I really hate leaving unfinished things in a state of meltdown.

Luckily, DD seemed to have glossed over my melt down, because it doesn’t seem to be affecting him. And it’s a good thing, too, because with him out of town and relatively incommunicado, it’s given me a chance to cool down and think things through rationally and come up with a solution. And that solution? Was to go shopping. Wednesday night, after a particularly sweaty yoga, I took myself over to Target.  And bought this:

It’s five times bigger than the overnight bag I was using. It’s also sturdier. Somehow I feel like this solves all my problems. Gives me more space, has a lovely shoulder strap to make hauling it around easier, and it has zippered pockets — another key thing my bag lacked. Now, I feel like I can pack to stay at DD’s anytime and not be annoyed. At least for a week or so.

And just for good measure, I picked this up:

Because nothing picks up my mood like a brightly colored, cheap trench. Cute, no?

We’re headed to Chicago this weekend for the Tigers/White Sox game and I’ll be breaking out the new duffel. Not gonna lie, it’s kinda heavy, but it was so much easier to pack last night!

Any exciting plans on your weekend list?


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Guest poster for hire!

I’m not a fan of double posting in a day, but this just couldn’t wait.

I’m a guest poster! For my ex-boyfriend, no less! If having the ability to set aside your differences and post sarcastic comments about Lance Bass on your ex’s blog makes you a good guest poster, than I am definitely the best! That or I’m just a sucker for new potential blog hits.

So, as you may have surmised, my ex, a.k.a Suneil, writes a humor blog poking fun at Lance Bass. So, my first guest post ever had to be about Lance Bass. As a recovering Backstreet Boy addict, I had to get over my initial disdain with the topic area, and post my best attempts at sarcasm. You’ll be able to find them today and tomorrow over at Obviously Lance.

If you want to see Suneil’s writing in its true form though, you should check out his personal blog: The Years Keep Passing Me By. His comments about his real life are even more entertaining than his ability to ridicule a former boy band-er.

And if you ever need a guest poster, I hope you’ll clearly realize I’m your girl. Well, at least I hope you’ll look past the fact that I had to write about Lance Bass and then clearly realize I’m your girl. I swear I can talk about other things, like being mauled by a stripper.

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A mish-mosh of thoughts

Hi blogosphere! I’ve missed you. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since we last talked.

Over the weekend, much of my blogging absence was due to my self-imposed Internet hiatus. This was the first weekend I didn’t have a ton of plans with DD cluttering things up, and as much as I wanted to see him, I was perfectly content spending the first half of the weekend alone.

As part of that, I chose not to turn on the computer. And boy was it lovely. Wanna know what I did? I took two things to the tailor that have needed to be altered for 3 months. I spent a little time in a big leather chair at Starbucks with a cup of tea and a book. I cooked. I cozied up with Netflix. It was all quite heavenly.

The second half of the weekend was dedicated to DD. We met up on Saturday, and while I thought he’d be coming to my place for the night, it turned out there were plans downtown, so down to Detroit I went. We had a decent time and then Sunday woke up and played our first softball game in our new league. Since the game was by my place, we thought of staying at my place that night, but he wanted to watch Entourage at his friend’s place and, well, his place is 4 blocks from work, mine is 15 miles.

I ended up staying at DD’s for the past 3 nights (we went to the Tigers game last night, so it was also a natural fit I’d stay at his place, 2 blocks away from the park). To be honest, the past 3 nights have felt like 3 weeks. After this weekend, I’ve decided that I’m damn sick of packing and that I’m really needing us to come to some sort of compromise that includes spending more time at my place.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our relationship, my place isn’t convenient. It’s not close to work and it’s not close to friends aside from one of my girlfriends. For the most part, I’ve been fine with being the one who usually has to pack a bag. But after last night, I’ve decided I’m over it. Especially after last night happened, and it all came to a mini-head. I would go into more detail, but it’d double the length of this post. So I’ll refrain.

Anyway, this morning I woke up cranky and went to work where I became crankier. As usual, shit went wrong. A brochure I’ve spent over a month on had a typo that got through me, the client, and a proofreader. A letter I wrote got rewritten without some key marketing messaging but no one told me. A headline I’d written for a flyer was equated to something that would be written on a flyer for some scam program, not a nice helpful program like the flyer was advertising. 

It was about all I could do not to run screaming from the building. I can only take so much feeling like my work sucks.

So that’s my week so far. Now I’m trying to decide if I want to broach my frustrations with DD. I got pretty upset with him and while I know I don’t have a right to be mad at him, there’s a bigger issue afoot. I’m really sick of not getting to spend time in my home, and feeling like if I want to, I have to sacrifice our time together. But if we were to start spending time here, it would mean a shift in how and who we spend our time with. Right now, the “how” and “who” are his rules and his people.

I have some ideas, so I just need to find the right time to talk about it with him.

In the meantime, do you have any suggestions on making a two-household situation easier? Short of moving in together, of course. My mother’s not ready for that, and neither is my checkbook.


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It’s possible I’m a control freak

I love DD. He has many positive qualities, like his patience, his humor, his kindness, and his general easy-going nature. He has one major negative, though.

He can’t do dishes.

I never realized doing dishes was so hard. I don’t have a dishwasher, and thought that’d be an annoyance when I moved in. Sometimes it is, but other times I suck it up and do it, because, let’s face it, it’s not that hard.

Apparently it is. I’ve only cooked a few times for DD at my place, but he always offers to do the dishes for me. Which is oh-so-nice of him. But he doesn’t wash them well. I noticed it a couple other times, and then again today when I went to grab a plate out of my dish rack that he washed after our dinner on Sunday. It had grease on it from the pesto paste I’d used. I grabbed the next dish, but it had a little bit of hardened spaghetti sauce on it. Not major chunks, but definitely noticeable. To the point that I’m going to re-wash them tonight.

I realize this makes me very Type A and very much a control freak. But seriously, what’s so hard about getting the food chunks off of the dishes when you wash them? You grab the sponge, squirt some soap in there, suds it all up, and scrub. The dishes were freshly used, so it wasn’t like the leftover remnants sat there overnight and hardened up. 

I just don’t get it.

The problem is, since I’d noticed this before, I tried to deter him from washing dishes on Sunday by saying he didn’t need to do it, that I’d do it. Because I know better than to critique someone’s dishwashing habits; best to just do it myself. (Also very Type A of me, I know.) But he replied “no, I’ll do it. It’s the least I can do if you do all the cooking.” Insert resounding “awwww” from me followed quickly by my inner monologue: “but what if he doesn’t get all the gunk off? Is he using enough soap? Ooo, don’t use the wash cloth, use the sponge…”  and on and on.

Do any of you have this problem? If it’s not dish washing, maybe it’s some other chore your significant other does “wrong”. How do you get it done “right”?


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An un-laboring Labor Day

And now for yet another weekend re-cap!

Actually, I was going to post a new header and accompanying story, but I just like my current header so much, so it may have to become a monthly thing. Or a never-changing thing.

New header or not, the weekend was fab. Friday was basically a wasted day, especially with my team’s quarterly mystery trip set for that afternoon. It’s something my boss loves, and I will never admit it to her, but I like them too. It’s a great way to get out of the office and socialize with coworkers, most of whom I really like.

Friday’s trip ended up being to the Detroit Bar, which was OK. No one was really there, but it gave us the opportunity to play the typical bar games and just hang out together for a bit. There was a possiblity of meeting up with DD after work, so I proceeded to drink rum & cokes like the well rum would dry up come 5 p.m. Because seeing him somehow meant we would be staying downtown, which meant I wouldn’t have to drive. But when the event finally ended around 5, I realized I had no clue what DD and I were doing that night, and there was a very real possibility I would have to drive home. Which I wasn’t in a condition for.

I decided to ignore that little detail and proceeded on to Enoteca with my boss, a coworker, and a former coworker. Where four of us split 2 bottles of wine. As a side note, this is the second time I’ve been to Enoteca, and I do love it. Mainly because of the wine. And the cheese. But alas, there was no cheese to be had thanks to a limited menu, which can be blamed on the Jazz Fest. It’s great that the Jazz Fest brings people downtown all that crap, but it’s not great when the restaurants limit their menus so I can’t enjoy my favorite meals. Because of that, I had to settle for a piece of italian sausage to keep up with alcohol intake, and while it was good, it was not gourmet cheese. I still proceeded to take in my fair share of cabernet, which means this lightweight was pretty much done for by the time we rolled out of there at 7:30.

While at Enoteca, I’d heard from DD, who still had no idea what the plans were for the evening. Knowing that now I really couldn’t drive, I wobbled the few blocks to his place and proceeded to fall on his couch. Where he laughed at my unusual state of drunken-ness and made me pizza. While I was ready to snuggle in and watch coverage of the Republicans falling apart at the seams  Republican VP pick, DD had other plans. So off we went to yet another bar, in the ‘burbs. I proceeded to sober up so DD could drink and I could drive his ass back to my place where we fell into bed well after 2 a.m.

After a few short hours of sleep, we got up to drive across the mitten to Grand Haven, where my summer home is friends live. DD and I did it last year, too, and had fun, so I thought this might be a nice tradition to start. A little beach time, a little relaxation, a lot of what we both need. However, I could tell on the way up there that DD was none to happy about going this year. I don’t blame him, he’s been traveling every week for work since June, and our weekends have been filled with weddings, trips, and family obligations. There hasn’t been much time for him to take care of the homefront.

While I thought this would be a good way to get away from all that, I know he would have rather stayed home. I felt bad and was hoping it wouldn’t turn into an issue, but then we got there and headed for the beach where he proceeded to fall asleep for two hours. But not before whispering to me “This was a good idea, I’m glad we did this.”

Ah, sweet satisfaction.

While he was sleeping, I caught up with my friends, we frolicked in the lake and I took a lot of stupid pictures, like these:

Those would be my white-ass legs/feet creeping into the lake.

Those would be my white-ass legs/feet creeping into the lake.

This was going to be my header...except better. It just wasn't working and I was sick of looking like an idiot trying to take a stupid picture!

This was going to be my header...except better. Just couldn't make it work 😦

Sunday we drove home. Uneventful except for the slow leak in one of DD’s tires. It was a long ride home, but we made it back safely. We got home later than expected, and were both slightly hungry, but lacking the energy to go out. I whipped up some pasta, DD put a bottle of our Traverse City wine in the fridge, and we feasted on that. It’s all very Susie Homemaker of me, but it’s moments like this that I can’t wait to live with him someday. I really enjoy cooking for him, having someone to try new recipes on, and having someone to split a bottle of wine with. I realize with his schedule I would still be cooking for myself most of the time, but a girl can always dream.
The night ended with us again collapsing into bed from exhaustion.
Monday came and so did Obama. We drove back downtown to see him and get my car that had been left there thanks to my drunken Friday. Thanks to the fabulousness that is Obama, we couldn’t get into Hart Plaza where he appeared, but were excited to find a good spot near the jumbotron it was being broadcasted on.
It's cliche, but it was electric.

It's cliche, but the crowd was electric.

Too bad we couldn’t hear him speak. Note to Obama campaign: when using a Jumbotron, also book the Jumboaudio. It was good to go down and be part of it all, but when I saw Al Gore in 2000, I just walked up to the stage and listened — this proved to be much more difficult. I miss the good old days of politics.
And that’s about all from here. Somewhere during the weekend, I also decided to play in yet another softball league. This time it will be with DD’s friends, who are actually good and may actually win a game or two, even with me on the team. But that means that this weekend I will be practicing my catching skills in preparation for our first game on Sunday. Because I have a serious fear of the softball hitting my face.
Happy unofficial end of summer to all of you. What a way to bid it adieu, eh?


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