It’s possible I’m a control freak

I love DD. He has many positive qualities, like his patience, his humor, his kindness, and his general easy-going nature. He has one major negative, though.

He can’t do dishes.

I never realized doing dishes was so hard. I don’t have a dishwasher, and thought that’d be an annoyance when I moved in. Sometimes it is, but other times I suck it up and do it, because, let’s face it, it’s not that hard.

Apparently it is. I’ve only cooked a few times for DD at my place, but he always offers to do the dishes for me. Which is oh-so-nice of him. But he doesn’t wash them well. I noticed it a couple other times, and then again today when I went to grab a plate out of my dish rack that he washed after our dinner on Sunday. It had grease on it from the pesto paste I’d used. I grabbed the next dish, but it had a little bit of hardened spaghetti sauce on it. Not major chunks, but definitely noticeable. To the point that I’m going to re-wash them tonight.

I realize this makes me very Type A and very much a control freak. But seriously, what’s so hard about getting the food chunks off of the dishes when you wash them? You grab the sponge, squirt some soap in there, suds it all up, and scrub. The dishes were freshly used, so it wasn’t like the leftover remnants sat there overnight and hardened up. 

I just don’t get it.

The problem is, since I’d noticed this before, I tried to deter him from washing dishes on Sunday by saying he didn’t need to do it, that I’d do it. Because I know better than to critique someone’s dishwashing habits; best to just do it myself. (Also very Type A of me, I know.) But he replied “no, I’ll do it. It’s the least I can do if you do all the cooking.” Insert resounding “awwww” from me followed quickly by my inner monologue: “but what if he doesn’t get all the gunk off? Is he using enough soap? Ooo, don’t use the wash cloth, use the sponge…”  and on and on.

Do any of you have this problem? If it’s not dish washing, maybe it’s some other chore your significant other does “wrong”. How do you get it done “right”?



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5 responses to “It’s possible I’m a control freak

  1. I am definitely like this, and it has always worked better when I’ve brought it up in a “I know I’m f*cking crazy but…” type of way. Better at least than obsessing and obsessing and then snapping in their face one day.

  2. E is a chef, so of course he was a great cook. He cooked all day and then cleaned up the work kitchen at night and put all the food away.

    He did NOT clean up my kitchen. Nor did he put food away. Ick.

  3. Oh man now that I have a dishwasher, I cannot live without it. Cannot. After my birthday party it saved my life. Dishes suck, I can’t blame DD for not wanting to do them.

  4. A Super Girl

    But that’s just the thing…he offers to do them. He totally doesn’t have to. He offers. But he does it wrong. Or so i think 🙂

  5. I have to make sure out dishes are completely rinsed off before they go in the dishwasher, or the food just gets glued on (yeah, crappy dishwasher) so I always have to go behind Colby to check that he properly rinsed them because he just doesn’t really get it. Oh well, at least he’s trying!!

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