Guest poster for hire!

I’m not a fan of double posting in a day, but this just couldn’t wait.

I’m a guest poster! For my ex-boyfriend, no less! If having the ability to set aside your differences and post sarcastic comments about Lance Bass on your ex’s blog makes you a good guest poster, than I am definitely the best! That or I’m just a sucker for new potential blog hits.

So, as you may have surmised, my ex, a.k.a Suneil, writes a humor blog poking fun at Lance Bass. So, my first guest post ever had to be about Lance Bass. As a recovering Backstreet Boy addict, I had to get over my initial disdain with the topic area, and post my best attempts at sarcasm. You’ll be able to find them today and tomorrow over at Obviously Lance.

If you want to see Suneil’s writing in its true form though, you should check out his personal blog: The Years Keep Passing Me By. His comments about his real life are even more entertaining than his ability to ridicule a former boy band-er.

And if you ever need a guest poster, I hope you’ll clearly realize I’m your girl. Well, at least I hope you’ll look past the fact that I had to write about Lance Bass and then clearly realize I’m your girl. I swear I can talk about other things, like being mauled by a stripper.


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  1. hey- i am a guest poster too! i wish suniel would go on vacation more often!

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