As you’ll recall, I alluded to a mini-meltdown over where DD and I spend our time. It’s really been on my mind this week, mainly because DD left town Monday morning with nothing more than a simple kiss from me — as I was still a little melted down, if you will. I hate leaving this unfinished, and I really hate leaving unfinished things in a state of meltdown.

Luckily, DD seemed to have glossed over my melt down, because it doesn’t seem to be affecting him. And it’s a good thing, too, because with him out of town and relatively incommunicado, it’s given me a chance to cool down and think things through rationally and come up with a solution. And that solution? Was to go shopping. Wednesday night, after a particularly sweaty yoga, I took myself over to Target.  And bought this:

It’s five times bigger than the overnight bag I was using. It’s also sturdier. Somehow I feel like this solves all my problems. Gives me more space, has a lovely shoulder strap to make hauling it around easier, and it has zippered pockets — another key thing my bag lacked. Now, I feel like I can pack to stay at DD’s anytime and not be annoyed. At least for a week or so.

And just for good measure, I picked this up:

Because nothing picks up my mood like a brightly colored, cheap trench. Cute, no?

We’re headed to Chicago this weekend for the Tigers/White Sox game and I’ll be breaking out the new duffel. Not gonna lie, it’s kinda heavy, but it was so much easier to pack last night!

Any exciting plans on your weekend list?



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2 responses to “Solutions

  1. I love the trench. Shopping after a bad day always makes me feel better too. Good for you!

  2. So late commenting… but the trench! Que cute! Why doesn’t my Target have these things everyone posts about from their Targets?

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