A lucky Wednesday

I was supposed to run errands after work today.

Instead, I got a facial.

I’d booked my usual boring brow wax at the local Aveda Institute that I’ve been going to for about a year. Cheap-ish prices for what you get, and no tipping since it’s a school. Definitely right up this cheapskate’s alley. Plus, they obviously use Aveda products, which I love (LOVE!)

Anway, I walked in and the girl at the desk told me they’d had a cancellation and would I be interested in a complimentary facial. I was only half-listening because I figured it was just another sales pitch, but the “complimentary” caught my attention. I confirmed that it was, in fact, free and I could pick from any of the facials they offered — from $32 to $50+.

I’ve never had a facial, and normally with something like this — unknown and therefore somehow risky in my worrisome mind — I would pass over it. But for some reason, I told her I’d love to have the facial. That I had plenty of time this particular Wednesday to be pampered. So they whisked me off, plopped me in a robe, turned down the lights, and worked away.

And boy was it amazing! Who needs to pay a higher price for a massage when you basically get a massage as part of a facial? My scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, and feet were all massaged at some point. And all the good smelling products on top of it? Oohh boy was I loving it. I wasn’t fully relaxed for the whole thing, partly because I was a first timer and partly because I still couldn’t believe there wasn’t a catch. In fact, I half-expected to have to pay afterward because of some sort of miscommunication.

But an hour and a half later, I walked out of there with a facial valued at $40, which I got for $11, the cost of my original appointment for a brow wax. Not bad for a Wednesday night.



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7 responses to “A lucky Wednesday

  1. I go to the Institute in Ann Arbor. I got my first facial last week. It was lovely. I wasn’t fully relaxed cuz it was my first time but it was awesome and totally plan on doing it again 🙂

  2. Wow that is great! Very jealous. I went to the Aveda Institute in college too and enjoyed the very cheap services.

  3. trendycamper

    I once got a $20 gift certificate for hair products because they forget to give me my receipt at Supercuts.

    Your story was better.

  4. How awesome! I love when good stuff like this happens!

  5. FREE?! Man, I thought I had it good when I got the 25% discount for making a same-day appointment to fill one of the blank spaces on the spa calendar that day. Woo!

  6. allthewine

    I’ve been dying to go there! I need a brow wax, maybe I’ll throw in a facial too.

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