Yes, I’m alive. No, I’m not a multi-tasker

Hello world. Miss me much?

I seem to be getting increasingly bad at this whole keeping up a blog thing. Most of my favorite bloggers post every day. Me? I can’t even get on a weekly schedule. I could tell you I’ve been working my skinny little ass off, but that’s not a very good excuse.

The real reason? I’m just shitty at multi-tasking. 

It often boggles my mind that others with more on their plates still find time to blog every. single. day. Single mothers who have kids and jobs. Women my age who work full time and plan their weddings. College students with mounds of homework on top of jobs that pay the bills. And me? I’ve just got a job. No kids, no homework, no major life events to plan. Not to mention the fact that my man is away 5 out of 7 days of the week, so you can’t even really count my relationship as “getting in the way”.

So what gives?

Even though the majority of my blogs are a brain dump, written from my stream of consciousness, they still require time. Time to sit down and focus. Or, more accurately, time to not be focused on other things.

That’s my problem, I guess, all the “other things” that tie up my day and require focus. I’m learning that I can’t watch a new TV episode or one of my Netflix finds while doing something else that requires focus — like blogging. I’m no longer able to listen to the TV with my ears and surf the web with my eyes. My brain just can’t handle all those inputs. Sad, but oh so true.

It’s also a matter of my day job I suppose. Every day, I sit at my desk and write. Words that become sentences and eventually turn into paragraphs. Key messages that get plugged into various assignments. Part of my job is to write and you know what? When I get home at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is come up with more words. 

And part of it is a lack of blog fodder. I used to use the drama in my life as blog content. But these days, there’s just no drama. And I just don’t know what to do with myself! But if I’m going to keep attempting to build a blog, I should probably reframe how I think about the content and find something to talk about on a regular basis.

But that would take focus and energy. And remember, I’m not a multi-tasker. Nor an energetic sort.

What all of this is is just an explanation of where I’ve been. And where I’ll probably still be sometimes. I may never be an every day blogger. When I started blogging, it was out of enjoyment and I didn’t feel pressured to be constantly up-to-date. Now, I’m feeling some self-inflicted pressure. Eventually I’ll find my rhythm and get back to the enjoyment of blogging. In the meantime, follow my tweets, because I’m definitely keeping up with that.



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5 responses to “Yes, I’m alive. No, I’m not a multi-tasker

  1. Sometimes even when there’s a ton of drama, I can only post infrequently. This past week has been insane and I could have updated every day, but the words didn’t lend themselves to decent writing. Even my tweet count was low :o(

    But I won’t wish the drama on you.

    (BTW, link on sidebar still has old address. Am reminding everyone to change :o)

  2. we’ll still be here when you find your rhythm. no worries and no pressure to blog every day 🙂

  3. Sometimes when I have a ton of stuff going on, I don’t really blog because I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m still working over having to post a lot and coming up with something creative. Sometimes I’m just not.

  4. I’m with you on this… sometimes going home and writing seems like the least fun thing to do ever. Thank god for Twitter, because I always can find the energy to tweet. (Those last two sentences might be the 2 most dorky ones in the world, but I’m okay with that).

  5. There’s nothing better than blogging about why you don’t blog anymore.

    I spent a whole year of my life doing that once. It was one of the most fufilling times of my life.

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