I am behind

  • In blog maintenance. I have thoughts of posts on politics, unemployment (not mine thank goodness), and a host of other things. But the focus and time is, as I’ve mentioned, lacking.
  • In work. So many little projects that my head is spinning. I’ve got to learn how to prioritize better. It doesn’t help that I’ve got one big project that had my eyes bugging out at my boss today at her ridiculousness. Not that all she’s wanting to do on the project aren’t great ideas, but there’s a difference between what’s a great idea and what’s realistic to pull off in 2 weeks. But when I say this, she calls me too “glass half empty”, like it’s a bad thing. I think that in a nonprofit world, approaching things from a realistic standpoint is a good thing. Somehow, I still end up on the wrong side of the debate. And on the innundated side of work. Which doesn’t help my relationship with my art director. Luckily he rolls with the punches, but I have a feeling if I call out his name needing something one more time as I’m running to and from my desk between meetings, he may punch me.
  • In book club. Less than a week a way. A couple hundred pages left to read. The book is good, but it’s slow and takes focus, which again, has been hard to find. I hate not finishing the book. But unless I get serious reading time in this weekend, it’ll probably happen.
  • In life. Laundry’s been sitting out for almost a week. My overnight bag has yet to be unpacked from yesterday. Dishes are piled up from the past week. Luckily it’s not a lot of dishes because I haven’t been cooking much, because I’m also behind in grocery shopping.
  • In blogland. I’ve got 5 new-to-me bloggers who I’ve been waiting to start reading for weeks. I just haven’t had time to dig into their blogs. And their unread post counts keep going up and up, making the prospect of reading their blogs even more daunting.

I love being busy and get mad when someone tries to help me by taking something off my plate…but at the same time, I need a frickin’ break already.

Crazy, I know.



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3 responses to “I am behind

  1. Ugh, at least you’re reading your book for your club! I can’t even get anyone in mind to commit to a date for our next meeting… and it’s been almost 2 months since out last one. I’m about to quit, it’s just ridiculous! Here’s hoping life calms down for you soon so you can catch up on life 🙂

  2. God, I wish life would calm down for a few days. The drama of the last two weeks has kept me away from the laundry… and I actually had to buy new underwear yesterday to keep myself reasonably tidy.

    I want to sleep.

  3. ive had the laundry issue going on for a while now too. folded, yet to be put away. i HATE that part!

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