What’s in my…

Yes, this will be one of those posts (funny how I was going to open with the same line in a previously planned post about politics.)

This won’t be a political post, but it will be a post you’ve seen a thousand times before. Maybe even 10,000. It’s a “what’s in my” post. But, instead of looking into my purse (which I finally downsized last week), or looking in my glove compartment (which even I haven’t looked in in many, many moons), it’s going to be a look inside my refrigerator. Because I just went grocery shopping, and so it’s overflowing with blog fodder. Or cheese. You be the judge.

Behold, the fridge of glorious sustenance. Mixed with a healthy dose of dairy.

Behold, the fridge of glorious sustenance. Mixed with a healthy dose of dairy.

Let’s see…where to start? From the bottom up, left to right, shelf by shelf.
Bottom shelf:
  1. Tortillas for my quesadillas.
  2. Onions of some sort. They’re the small ones and were highly important to a recipe I never made. They were also brought to me at the grocery store by a gentleman that I may have flirted with had I not be so head-over-heels for DD.
  3. Grape tomatoes. Which will most assuredly go bad before I even eat a third of them.

Shelf two:

  1. Ah, sweet dairy. What would I do without you? We have sour cream and cheese of various sorts (chedder, gruyere, monterey jack…) piled up in there.
  2. There’s a pizza crust for a yummy asparagus and prosciutto pizza I will be making.
  3. Ricotta. AKA more cheese.
  4. Hummus for lunch. Which will also go bad before I eat it all.
  5. Lettuce
  6. Avocado for me to take a stab at homemade guacamole. This is also known as an impulse buy as I have no clue how to make guacamole. But damn did it sound good at the store.
  7. Yellow pepper, roma tomatoes, asparagus. More things that will go bad.

Shelf three:

  1. Feta, feta, feta.
  2. A mozarella log. Because a mozarella ball is just not enough.
  3. Olives. For the aforementioned quesadillas. Really, it’s amazing. Try it.
  4. Cantaloupe from the farmer’s market. Should probably see if it’s gone bad yet, too.
  5. Leftover stuffed shells from mom. Mmmm.
  6. Yogurt. For breakfast or lunch, whatever works.

Top shelf:

  1. Milk
  2. OJ to avoid DD’s germs from this weekend. Is only used when I feel a cold coming on. I don’t believe in drinking it preventatively, but only after germs have infected my immune system and I’m making a last desperate attempt to let them not wreak complete havoc on my body. Also? No Pulp, thanks. 
  3. Milk that will quickly be old. Hence, #1.
  4. Water.
  5. Bruschetta mix and Ragu.
  6. Very, very old wine. I can tell because it’s red and I would not normally put red in the fridge, but it was summer. And hot. And it was the worst wine ever otherwise. But it comes in a handy little bottle, so that’s a plus, right?

In the drawers there is most assuredly more cheese, perhaps some prosciutto (for the aforementioned pizza), and some other things that may or may not have gone bad. Have you noticed a theme yet? It’s hard cooking for one. Or cooking at all, really.

It’s funny that I thought to do this tonight, as tomorrow begins the Michigan Food Stamp Challenge. So, it may seem a bit improper that I’m waxing on about the fabulousness that is my full fridge when others are actually choosing to live off of a food stamp budget for a week in an attempt to feel the affects of poverty and increase awareness about the importance of food banks and soup kitchens. And even more people are actually forced to live off of food stamps and may not have the means that I do to fill my fridge with dairy goodness.

However, this photo is the result of the first time in probably a month that I’ve seriously gone grocery shopping. Before tonight, I’d spent at least 2 weeks living off of Kraft Mac & Cheese and cheap pasta. Still not food stamps, I know. But looking at my full fridge and comparing it to the $5.87 per day that someone on food stamps is allotted, I am thankful for the means I do have.

Not to mention that mozarella log.



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5 responses to “What’s in my…

  1. God I love feta cheese. I would eat it on anything possible. I’m sure there are some exceptions to this but I can’t think of any.

  2. my god WHAT is a mozzarella log? I’ll probably dream about it tonight.
    And I’ve been trying to buy fresh daily which makes me feel awfully Parisian but awfully poor. I love food too much. I want the recipe for that pizza!

  3. You need Green Bags: http://www.greenbags.com. Trust me – that shit works. (I bought mine at Target.) I have an avocado that’s been in my fridge for a month now and it’s still good.

  4. Cog

    I think your boss needs to give you some more work to keep your occupied… 🙂

  5. Olives in a quesidilla? Sounds interesting — I love olives in everything, so I’m down for trying it!

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