On holiday

In the midst of a high-stress situation at work a couple weeks ago, I logged on to our holiday calendar and booked two days off next week. Not gonna lie, I never do get sick of having 6 weeks of vacay to play around with. It’s the kind of bennie that makes you stick around at a thankless job and continue to be belittled by a (mostly) thankless boss.

But I digress.

So, tomorrow is my last day until Wednesday. There was a time that I would only take time off if I had a valid reason aside from wanting to sleep and laze about on my couch. But then I tried to go to Europe and it was a big fat FAIL (and a blog post for another time), and I was left with a week off work and nothing to do. I must admit, I was rather nervous at the prospect of all that time to be idle.

It took me all of 24 hours to realize it was what heaven must feel like. 

Now when work gets me down, like really down, like to the point of banging my fists on my desk more than once a day down, I take a day or two reprieve.

Here’s what I plan to do with my four day weekend (it’s possible only one — or none!– of these things will get done, but it’s good to have goals, right?):

  • Red Wings game
  • New Kids on the Block concert (Is it weird that as big a fan I was, now I seriously don’t remember all of their hits?)
  • Play in my rec softball league’s championships. We finished 4th in the regular season. Woo!!!
  • Sit in a big chair at Starbucks and read
  • Escape the sorry state of American politics with my West Wing DVDs
  • Shop. I’m kinda bored with my current work clothing. So maybe I’ll be persuaded to buy some new stuff.
  • Get out of my work out rut. Gosh dangnabit I WILL go to the gym on Monday and Tuesday.

Things I plan not to do:

  • Think about work or the fact that it’s entirely possible my boss is crazy.
  • Check my voice mails at work.
  • Check my e-mails at work.

OK, well that last one may not happen as I’m kind of obsessed with my Inbox. And overwhelmed at the same time. Which means I probably shouldn’t check it.

But I will.

In between West Wing episodes.



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4 responses to “On holiday

  1. im quite enjoying my staycation myself. I’m not quite sure where the time goes.

    and six weeks vacations and you’re an event planner? you officially have my dream job. minus the thankless boss of course.

  2. Woah, 6 weeks of vacation?? That is indeed an awesome benefit!! I hope you enjoy your days off 🙂

  3. A Super Girl

    Yes, six weeks. It’s hard to believe it myself.

    And to your event planner comment, allthewine, I’m actually not an event planner, though you’d think it after the past month. I am, in fact, a marketing generalist, I guess. I don’t know what that means except that I do a smattering of everything.

  4. You have six weeks of vacation? Does that include sick time too? If not, I am officially jealous of you. I have three weeks this year and I thought that was exciting.

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