Thoughts on Staycation

The past two days have been lovely. So lovely that I wish there were more of them. Alas, I will just have to wait until the 2 weeks I took off for Christmas. It really can’t come soon enough…

I’ve been surprisingly productive, accomplishing pretty much everything I wanted. And for your bullet loving pleasure, here’s just a smattering of thoughts that went through my head as I was being so accomplished.

  • Ah, 9 a.m. You’re a nice time, but I think I’ll just roll over and luxuriate a bit longer in my 600 thread count cotton sateen sheets.
  • Breakfast! What an amazing meal. I should really eat it more often.
  • Why, oh, why is my DVD player showing a big black rectangle in the middle of the TV screen? I just want to watch the Netflix’s that have been sitting here for a month! Geez. Here, let me just keep playing with the remote until it goes away. [side note: I will continue to do this the next two days. Seriously, I don’t know wtf is up? It goes away, then comes back. Hateful technology.]
  • Wow, working out feels good. Whew, the rut is over!!!
  • Hmmm, the new NKOTB CD is quite an excellent workout soundtrack.
  • It’s also a little graphic. Who knew such an innocent ’80s boy band could talk about sex so much? Makes me just a wee bit frisky.
  • Too bad DD’s in Florida all week. Stupid promotion and its mandatory training in warm weather.
  • New pants are badly needed for work. Perhaps the mall will have a good sale.
  • [At Victoria’s Secret] $98?! How did my very unpractical purchases rack up to that amount? I have a coupon! Gah, I should have stuck to the 5/$25 underwear table. I blame NKOTB.
  • Oooo, pants are buy one get one 1/2 off — The Limited must have been reading my mind!
  • Oh yoga, I’ve missed you. But you’re going to make me sore tomorrow.
  • [At yoga] You want me to put my what where? And then lift myself up. Yeah. Right.
  • [Still at yoga, somewhere in a Crescent Moon vinyasa] I should really ask my instructor if she teaches anywhere else. Because I like her, but if I quit the gym, I won’t be able to see her anymore.
  • [10 minutes later] No, I better not. She might think I’m a crazy stalker. [side note: Yes, I need to be less shy.]
  • Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? Oh well, at least it’s only three days until the weekend.




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    2 responses to “Thoughts on Staycation

    1. That sounds like a great staycation. Dude I cannot wait for my time off at Christmas too.

    2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking where she teaches… I stalked my favorite instructors when I was at Lifetime… most of them taught at small studios in their off time.

      And the Limited having a sale on pants? So does the Gap. Know what I’m doing this weekend!

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