I’m too old for this

The Halloween party may have only be a few hours, but the recovery time? Will probably be days.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great time. I’d carefully planned my costume for comfort, not sluttiness, so as others were walking around in stilletos, I was comfy in tennis shoes. The drinks were stiff, and the company was great. Friends were fabulously creative with their costumes — from two male roommates who dressed as a toothbrush and toothpaste, to two spectacularly straight yet spectacularly crazy friends dressed as Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz (and yes, they wore speedos stuffed with socks the ENTIRE night while showing off their beer bellies) — and DD looked quite swoon-worthy in his Army fatigues (well, more accurately my dad’s Army fatigues).

But the thing is? I can’t do these all-nighters anymore. We didn’t even go to the party that early; got there around 10:30 or 11, bar closed at 2, we were home by 3 and I was in bed by 3:30ish. I was a little drunk, but by no means plastered.

And today? Today I woke up early to say a hazy goodbye to DD as he left for the tailgate (thank GOD I didn’t go) and proceeded to fall back asleep until 11. And then lay in bed until 3, still feeling slightly hungover. And then I dragged my butt out of DD’s bed, back to my own couch, and proceeded to fall asleep for a couple more hours.

I’m too old for this. But it was still worth it for a little Halloween good cheer.

Happy Halloween-recovery-day everyone!



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3 responses to “I’m too old for this

  1. oh yes i’ve had those days. glad you had a good time and decided not to go to the tailgate 🙂

  2. Yeah going out all night is tough as we get older. But it’s still fun. Glad you got to sleep in and dressed in your costume for comfort, I’m sure that helped.

  3. Bryan did the Michael Phelps thing too for Halloween. Now THAT was a sight!

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