A smattering of plusses and minuses

Not too much super going on in life lately. Not that life’s not great — it’s just run of the mill. So, I present my list of plusses — and minuses — of the holiday season.

  • PLUS: Detroit Tree Lighting. Held the Friday before Thanksgiving, I’ve been going since it started 4 years ago. In fact, it was at the inaugural tree lighting that I met DD. It was in passing, and he barely remembers it, but I like to think of it as my very own proof that fate exists. Or persistent friends. Who knows, really. This year’s tree lighting was filled with a pre-party at a friends, a trip to Campus Martius for the official lighting, and then trips to the new Michael Symon restaurant/bar, Roast, and a cap-off at Cliff Bell’s, my favorite little jazz club. Cliff Bell’s was shuttered for 20 years before it underwent major renovations in 2005. It is also home to my favorite bar, built with little jut-outs that seat 2 or 3 people around them. You know how bars are so hard to sit at with a group? Not at Cliff’s!!!
  • MINUS: DD’s holiday party got cancelled thanks to the slumping economy. I was really looking forward to it (even though last year it spurred a fight that nearly led to our break up), because it’s my only excuse to buy a cocktail dress and look snazzy. It was also going to be another excellent opportunity for a Super Outfit! blog entry. I thought it was a hopeless cause, until…
  • PLUS: Since they’d already booked the band, his company couldn’t cancel it, so they chose to keep the party and just make it more low-key (read: cheaper). Jeans instead of cocktail dresses. Kegs instead of open bars. I’m still unclear on whether significant others are invited, but it is a Friday night, and they were before, so one would assume. This means I will get to be comfortable (last year’s fight starter was my uncomfort level. I looked hot, but man was I not at all comfortable!), and it may still warrant a Super Outfit! entry. Just with cute tops instead of sexy cocktail dresses.
  • PLUS: Two weeks off. Starting Dec. 12. I’m semi-concerned at how quickly that will come and how much I need to get done at work before then (most of which probably won’t get done, but once it’s here… Thank. God.
  • PLUS: Family. My mom’s side of the family is coming on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. This is the third year they’ve come, and while it’s a ton of people descending on my apartment and my parents’s house, it’s always a fun time.
  • MINUS: Darkness. It’s only been in the last week that daylight savings has really hit me. The darkness is all around and it just makes me want to curl up and wake up in April.
  • PLUS: Presents. Giving presents is fun, except…
  • MINUS: Choosing presents. I feel like I’m so awful at figuring out what to get people. Which is why I end up waiting until the week before to go shopping, and why all of the bloggers who have finished (or even started!) their shopping making me just the teensiest bit jealous.

Overall, many more plusses than minuses. I’m hoping that another plus of the holiday season will be blog fodder, because I could really use something to talk about!



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2 responses to “A smattering of plusses and minuses

  1. Aww I love tree lightings! We just lit up Michigan Avenue this weekend and I love it too. I go every year.

  2. yeah the darkness is depressing 😦

    2 weeks vacation is pretty awesome though!!! 🙂

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