We’re all talking about the improvements we want to make in our lives. Here’s a few of mine…

  • Make a small step into greener living by using reusable grocery bags. I have decided this can’t be nearly as hard as I make it out to be. So, on my first day of vacation, I went grocery shopping and bought the bags. I’ve used them once since and am absolutely in love. This resolution should be cake.
  • Take more time to read instead of watching TV. I’ve been doing a good job of this the past couple weeks, we’ll see if I can keep it up once that thing called work starts up again.
  • Take more time to cook. I do a decent job of this, but I always plan to cook more than I actually do. I want to try to set aside specific days and then force myself to make something different instead of just defaulting to an old stand-by. It’s hard what with being exhausted after work, but oh well. To help this one along, my mom bought me a new blender AND a new cute apron to movtivate my time stove-side.

What are your resolutions?



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4 responses to “Resolved…

  1. Court

    If you need further motivation on the cooking part, it’s on my list for the year as well!!

  2. You go girl! Great resolutions – I esp. like the reusable grocery bags one. I have several in my car that I forget to use half the time. Maybe I will also resolve to get better about actually remembering them before I am standing in the check-out line! Best of luck in ’09!

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