Economic Impact

I’m not very happy with this economy right now.

For the moment I have a job. DD has a job. My loved ones have jobs.

I, however, do not have the vacation I’d planned on.

And that’s due, in part, to this economy.

I’ve never been on Spring Break. Never checked in to an all-inclusive resort in some warm climate. Never paddled up to a swim-up pool bar.

It is one of my life’s dreams to stay somewhere with a swim-up pool bar. It’s the simple things in life, you know.

With DD and I safely ensconced in stable-relationship-land, I’ve been planting the seeds for a winter Carribbean getaway for over a year. Last winter it just wasn’t feasible. This winter, it was. So for the past few months, we’ve been talking about it. I’ve been checking my Travelzoo weekly e-mails for deals. We’d decided on a destination — the Dominican Republic — and were doing research and moving forward. 

Or so I thought.

During the holidays, DD started getting a little gun shy about pulling the trigger on this thing. One of his main excuses was this economy. While we both have relatively stable jobs, he didn’t think it looked good to be taking a “lavish” vacation right now. After all, we live in Detroit and our jobs, while not in the auto industry, are still directly affected by it. And we all know how that’s going these days. It’s best to cut back. Save our money. Who knows where we’ll be in 6 months or a year. There are other expenses fighting for our paychecks, but the overall bleakness is what really had him questioning it.

He’s right.

Except…well…except I wanted the swim-up pool bar.

After further discussion, he reconsidered and agreed that we should go, that we weren’t talking about all that much money anyway (less than $1,000 each to be specific), and that we should book it.

But in the process of being gun shy, he made me gun shy. The trip has become such a point of debate and discussion that it doesn’t feel fun anymore. We couldn’t decide on a resort, prices were going up instead of down, and I was feeling the pressure of saving vs. splurging. It was also about this time my CEO was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, in yet another depressing article about Detroit going down the tubes. In it, he projected that our revenue is down 50 percent. My job may not be as “relatively stable” as I thought.

So this weekend, we finally called the getaway off.

Instead, we booked a much cheaper jaunt to NYC next weekend since he’ll already be there for a conference, thus covering his airfare, and we can use his Marriott points to stay in a nice hotel. I’ve never been and it should be fun. It’ll be cold as hell, which completely defeats my whole winter getaway plan, but what can ya do? We’re also talking about taking a couple days and going to Niagara Falls for our anniversary in June.

Smaller trips, and a more practical route when neither of us know if we’ll be employed come June.

I won’t say I’m not disappointed; especially since other friends and relatives are jetting off for warmer temperatures in the coming months. But it just didn’t feel like the right time for us or our budgets.

Maybe there’s a swim-up pool bar waiting for us in 2010.



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5 responses to “Economic Impact

  1. A similar thing happened to us. We weren’t as far along in the planning process, but we were hoping for a trip to Costa Rica in December–right now to be specific! But between job time off issues and the state of the economy and the fact that we’re probably moving in the next year, it just seemed like a poor financial decision 😦 I totally understand your disappointment! I do know that you’ll have an awesome time in NYC though! Sure, it’ll be cold, but the city is beautiful in the wintertime, and there is SO much to do. And hopefully in the near future you’ll get the swim up bar of your dreams, and not the budget version 😉

  2. My husband and I feel the same…it’s too tough to spend mucho bucks on vacationing in this economy, so we’re going with a cheaper option – a houseboat in Kentucky…sure, we’ll be w/friends and won’t have a ton of privacy, but you technically could consider the entire boat a swim-up bar. 🙂 Plus, it’s drive-able, gorgeous and a blast!

  3. i hope you’ll get to the swim up bar in the near future. have fun in NYC 🙂

  4. Awww. NYC will still be fun but it’s understandable to be upset by the lack of Caribbean sun. Maybe it is best to hold off for now but make sure you get to really go away within six months after things start to look up.

  5. I hate the fact that we have to start skimping on things because of this economy, but it’ll get better. Hopefully.

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