Weekend Off

Just a quick little ditty to tell you not to expect any updates as I’m flying the friendly skies tomorrow night for a little weekend jaunt to the Big Apple. I figured you wouldn’t mind this all that much; after all, it means a few less posts in your reader!

I’ve never been to NYC, which means it probably would be an awesome thing to blog about, but alas, the swank hotel we’re staying at with DD’s Marriott points charges for Internet access. And right after ATM fees, my next pet peeve is paying for Internet. After all, aren’t we in a time where it should be free for all?! Really, I’m just a cheapskate and if I’m going to drop $50 on a cab ride from the airport, I’m going to have to make cuts in other areas. Besides, why in God’s name would I sit in  my hotel blogging about New York when I could actually leave the hotel and experience it?

Right? Right.

Before I go, here’s a smattering of what’s on my mind as I prepare to jet-set.

  • Will my carry-on fit? According to Northwest Airline specifications, it’s an inch too large. (Yes, I looked it up and used my measuring tape, what of it?) But I’m going to chance it. Such a daredevil I am. But you see, I rarely carry on, but what with all this checked baggage fee crap, I’m cramming it all in and hoping for the best. Are you seeing a common thread when it comes to fees?
  • I have to take a cab all by my lonesome tomorrow. I think I’ve taken a cab a total of 3 times in my life.  In Detroit, we don’t have cabs. At least not like New York has cabs. This both excites me and terrifies me all at the same time.
  • I really wasn’t thinking when I agreed to be away from work for 1.5 days the first week back from vacation. Batshit crazy, that idea was. (Side note: I have used the phrase “batshit crazy” no less than 5 times today. Phrase of the day? I think so.)
  • Next week marks 5 years I’ve lived with a kidney transplant. I think that warrants booking a facial. You know, if I had time to make a phone call.

Have a fab weekend, and if you’re really that sad that you won’t hear about my trip until after the fact, you can certainly check my Tweets. It’s a sure bet I’ll at least be updating that occasionally.



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2 responses to “Weekend Off

  1. Have a great trip and a great time!

  2. Happy and safe travels! Although I would never want to live there, I love visiting NYC.

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