Customer Service done right

I know, I know, I’m slacking. Truthfully, I’m slacking in blog content. Life just isn’t that exciting. Also, a couple things have come up that I’ve wanted to blog about, but mentally, I’m just having a hard time getting excited about the blog. I’m into a new Netflix addiction (How did I not know how cool Studio 60 was before it got cut from NBC two years ago?), and reading good books. And there’s only so many hours in the day, you know.

But, then, something happened to bring me right out of the anti-blogging mood. I got free stuff!

Namely, this, from The Limited:


The thing that makes this particularly thrilling is that I wasn’t expecting it. It was sent to me as an apology for my “difficulty using during the holiday season.” Great customer service, right? They screw up, they fix it by sending me a pretty free scarf.

Except, well, except I don’t recall having difficulty.

I DO recall being pissed as hell at them over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a long story, but they were giving away free fashion scarves with a purchase. (Side note: Obviously, I’m kind of obsessed with scarves!) I tried several times to redeem said scarf by buying a pair of pants at several stores (no one had my size) and finally ordered them online. Unfortunately, the store where I placed the order had run out of fashion scarves, so I was outta luck. And mad. Because I wanted a hot pink fashion scarf for FREE dammit!

The next day, I tried one more store, found the pants AND the free scarf so I picked both up. Success! When the pants I ordered came in the mail, I easily returned them at a store. So, no real issue with the online order process. Yet, they are good corporate citizens, and don’t want any customer unhappy. So apparently even a simple return warrants yet another free scarf, this one a bit dressier than the former fashion scarf I got over Thanksgiving. And to top it off, I got a 20% off card to go buy more pretty things…though discount cards are kind of the norm for The Limited, so this is actually less exciting than my new scarf.

Which brings me to you fine people. I’m good with “outdoor” scarves that can be layered and such. But this? This is a dressy scarf. And dressy? Is where I kind of flail about in a very un-dressy manner.

So, help! How do I wear it and what do I wear it with?



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4 responses to “Customer Service done right

  1. allthewine

    i’m also obsessed with scarves. that one is great for dressing up jeans and a black t-shirt. just fold it in a triangle, tie the loose ends behind your head, and let it fall softly. GORGEOUS!

    makes me wish I had ordered something from the limited!

  2. Ooh! I wish I got freebies for having trouble with a company. Like maybe some sort of free thing from Chrysler Financial – I sent them a NASTY letter yesterday, see blog for details. Free Jeep, maybe?

    How big is the scarf? Is it wrap-into-a-headband size? Would look gorgeous tied onto a black purse too…

  3. i fail at dressy too but YAY for free stuff 🙂

  4. Wow. That’s a nice gift. You can use that as a shawl, wrap it on a purse or wrap it around your neck. Nice print.

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