Finding some grace

So, one of my daily reads, Heidi, joined the Grace in Small Things bandwagon, and I’ve decided I could use a little bit of that up in here.

It’s no surprise my blog can be a bit of a negativity fest. I’m a skeptical cynic, through and through, and besides, there’s way more drama (and blog fodder) in the negative than the positive.

Except life is entirely TOO negative right now. I have no idea if I’ll have a job come April and while I love my job, it’s currently making me feel a little dumb. Home life is fine, but with that niggling lack of job security, I know it’s going to be very easy for that to infiltrate my happy home.

Enter Grace in Small Things. The goal is to make a daily list of five positive things. I doubt I can do it daily — heck I can’t even write a blog post daily. But even the occasional reminder of the little things in life that are, in fact, pretty damn good, is a start.

  1. My father’s ability to take care of a car. Because I’m clueless, so when my car breaks down in the middle of an intersection, I need somewhere to turn before calling AAA in hysterics. That’s where dad comes in.
  2. Ben & Jerry’s
  3. Leftovers that you forgot existed. Makes making dinner after a challenging evening that much easier.
  4. Heat waves in the neighborhood of 35 degrees. Every little bit helps.
  5. 11:30 Seinfeld. I’ve been trying to avoid staying up late to watch, but it’s a guilty pleasure that ropes me in when I AM up.


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4 responses to “Finding some grace

  1. 3. i love when i find leftovers the next day and don’t have to make lunch before going to work.

    4. yesterday was AWESOME! 35 degrees and i was driving with the windows down. can’t wait the the weekend.

  2. But leftovers you forgot existed are, in my experience, a pile of mold and stink that I just throw straight into the trash, gladware and all.

  3. I love this concept! It’s nice to think of these “small” things when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

    Keep up the happy thoughts!

  4. leftovers are amazing, seriously i love them.

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