A weekend of grace

Lots of moments of grace this weekend.

  1. Not wearing a coat on the walk to brunch. I was still chilly in only my Tigers sweatshirt, but it was a good chilly.
  2. A day with DD. So often we just spend the evenings and mornings together, we rarely have a full day, much less a full day alone. Yet this weekend, I somehow used my powers of persuasion to rope him into an entire lazy Sunday together. At MY house, no less! He jogged, I read, we brunched, we ran errands, we lazed, we cooked. It was the best Sunday in a long while.
  3. The sun. Enough said.
  4. The act of making tea. Just putting the kettle on and getting out the tea bags are enough to relax me.
  5. Having a handle on work. Should only last a day or so, but it’s nice to not be running in 5 directions this week.


Filed under DD (aka My Man), GiST, glass half full, list mania

4 responses to “A weekend of grace

  1. ria

    i wasn’t brave enough to go out without a coat. i know i’m a wimp!

  2. Oh, I love those days with the boy :o)

  3. What a wonderful list! I find making and drinking tea to be relaxing too. Do you have a favorite kind? Lately, I’ve been enjoying the herbal teas!

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