How are those resolutions?

Since I only made a few New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been doing surprisingly well at keeping them. Reusable bags are my new norm — and they’re wayyy more convenient than those globe-hating plastic ones — and I’ve read 3 or 4 books already, which is about twice the amount I used to read in 2 months.

Then, there’s the cooking. Which gets the award for resolution most likely to fail. I spent most of January doing my same old routine and falling back on my same old “recipes”, a.k.a boiling pasta and throwing cheese on it.

This month, I finally sat down and went through one of my new cookbooks (a Rachel Ray classic), and picked 4 new recipes to try. First up was the Cheesy Spinach Tortellini, which, in a rare moment, DD helped me cook on our perfect Sunday together a couple weeks ago. Next I sampled the portobello mushroom burgers, with red pepper, mozarella and prosciutto sandwiched between two portobello caps. That, along with the rosemary french fries made for an excellent solo V-Day dinner.

So far, both will go into my recipe rotation. But, tonight, I didn’t have the same luck. I tried out her crab and corn chowda mac. It bills itself as macaroni chowder. Sounds odd, right? Except, I loved all the ingredients. Macaroni? Check. Crab? Check. Cheese? Cheeeckkkk. So, though it sounded like a strange combination, I persevered and diligently followed the recipe.

Which ended in some yellowish “sauce” that was neither cheesy nor particularly “chowdery”. And I have an entire pot of this since I decided to make the whole recipe in anticipation of leftovers. Whoops? I guess it wasn’t awful, but it didn’t merit seconds.

Oh well. All in all I still consider my foray into new tastes a success. I still have a balsamic chicken to try this week and then the difficult task of keeping up the resolution with more new recipes. The problem is, I’m very picky in what I eat. Part of the reason I made the resolution was to venture out and get away from my usual pasta. Except? I am addicted to pasta. I’m not a fan of cooking meat (notice only 1 of the 4 contains any chicken or beef). Yet so many recipes are very meat focused. I also don’t know that I could become a full-on vegetarian; I wouldn’t even know where to find things like tofu at the grocery store, much less be able to cook it. I don’t mind cooking fish, so maybe I need to explore that route.

Or maybe I should just give it up and go for an all chocolate diet.



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4 responses to “How are those resolutions?

  1. ria

    i vote for all chocolate diet but i’m a chocolate addict. that’s awesome you’ve got some new recipes to try.

  2. I am very much the same as you in the pasta obsession and not quite vegatarianism. I just hate handling raw meat, and I don’t love the taste of it enough to deal with it! My mom sent me a two year subscription of Rachael Ray’s magazine and we are loving it so far!! Good luck keeping up the good work on your resolutions 🙂

  3. It is so much easier to just stick to the routine, but I love trying new things every once in a while. But it defiinitely takes more thought.

  4. An all-chocolate diet would make my husband think he died and went to heaven. That boy lives for sweets (and would die for them, too).

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