It’s Friday. Enter procrastination.

Today is just one of those days when I don’t want to buckle down and get to work. It’s Friday. It’s overcast, but fabulously warm.  I have friends in town for the weekend, just waiting to hang out. I have a boyfriend I haven’t seen in almost a week, but will get to see in just 10 short hours. I have plans for the weekend, if I can just get through this time at my desk.

It doesn’t help that there’s hardly anyone here today and the quiet fosters procrastination.  There aren’t people popping by to talk about ideas, there aren’t meetings to break up the day. Instead, there’s just another 7 hours of sitting at my desk alone, writing. Which, amazingly enough, can get quite boring. Even for someone who claims to love writing.

Problem is? I have things that need to get done. Goals I set for myself this week. A certain amount of procrastination is normal; I attribute it to the nature of a “creative” job, and a natural part of the process.

Except, this stuff ain’t gonna write itself. It ain’t gonna magically appear on a Word document that gets passed to an Art Director and moved to an InDesign file to be produced into some glossy piece of corporate art.

I need to get moving.

But it’s Friday. And I have entirely too much else to look forward to this weekend to be sitting at a desk, trying to form the same old key messages into something new.

What are you daydreaming about this Friday instead of working?



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6 responses to “It’s Friday. Enter procrastination.

  1. Cog

    I’m thinkin’ Arbys! And the free roast beef sammich I’ll be scoring in a scant 40 minutes…

  2. The Carlton dance. Duh.

  3. Beer and working in the garden. And beer. Did I mention the beer?

  4. reederscorner

    I hope you’re able to get everything done… Fridays are the worst for crossing things off your to do list. I always have the worst time getting motivated on Fridays. LOL Good Luck and have fun with your boy!

  5. I left work early today so I could go work in the garden – there is much to do to get ready for spring planting! I drove home in the sun, windows down, full of energy… then walked in the house and decided it might be good to nap first. Always the best procrastination.

  6. I’ve got vacationitis. I just don’t want to work at all right now.

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