Lived to tell the tale

I survived my company’s layoffs.


[Insert the release of three months of held breath, here.]


This is my second major layoff at the company and surprisingly, it wasn’t as rough this time around. I had DD prepared to deal with a sobbing, snotty mess – and that was if I kept my job – because history told me that’s how I deal with layoffs.


Last time, it was my department that took the biggest hit. I found myself at an ex’s house, sobbing, before going to my parents and crying some more. I’d kept my job, but so many of my closest colleagues hadn’t.


This time, things were spread out across departments and functions, and while I was sad to see people go and it was a difficult day, it was a different kind of difficult. I didn’t spend the day wiping away snot-filled sobs.


However, since this all happened on a Monday, I’m lacking in blog material for the week. Over the past couple weeks I’ve gotten into a nice little routine of writing on Monday nights and preparing the blog for the week. Instead of writing after work yesterday, I made a pit stop at the bar with co-workers, and then raced home to cook dinner for DD and I before spending the last few hours of the day lounging on the couch together.


No writing there.


The week is already moving quickly. There are a few things to adjust to at work, not to mention the past three months’ worth of projects at work and in life that my ice-cream devouring state of stress-induced lethargy had pushed aside as a coping mechanism.


Long story short, don’t expect much from me this week. But never fear, this super girl shall return.



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9 responses to “Lived to tell the tale

  1. Congrats! I’m so glad your job is still safe. See you when you get back…

  2. I think Super Girl deserves to take a deep breath in and then breathe a sigh of relief in the form of skipping out of blog writing. It’s been an emotional week for you. Definitely give yourself a break!

  3. I’m so glad your job is safe :o) The company apparently knows the value of super-ness.

  4. Glad to hear you’re safe from the next round of layoffs. And if worst comes to worse that DD is ready.

  5. reederscorner

    Glad to hear that you’re good to go. This recession is so annoying… I hate not knowing.

  6. aw congrats. glad to hear you still have a job. woo.

  7. ria

    this is a little late, but i’m glad to hear that you survived layoffs!

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  9. its a relief that you survived. last january i didn’t (08) but had my man to fall back on and thankfully had a 2nd weekend job that was a blessing.

    your not the only coworker that cries for the laid off coworkers, everyone was in tears in my small company even those laying us off.

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