Disturbing dreams

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was cheating on DD. In the dream, I was spending the night with an ex. There wasn’t passion-filled sex, but it was still cheating.


The dream was so vivid that I woke up a little off-kilter, feeling like it had been real. I rolled over to see DD sleeping soundly next to me. I held him close and drifted back to sleep, glad real life was as it should be.


This is the second cheating dream I’ve had, and frankly, I’m a bit worried.


This has becoming a recurring dream. So do that mean I wish I was with an ex instead?


Nah. There may be occasion where I wish the ex and I would have worked, but I do believe there’s more than one person out there for everyone, and we’ve both found our other “one”. Currently, I don’t have relenting, conscious wishes that I was still with him. Plus, both times I’ve had this dream, I’ve woken up happy that DD is next to me. Relieved, even, that my life is what it is and that I wasn’t actually cheating.


Just to be sure, I did a bit of Googling and found that dreams about cheating actually mean that I’m feeling guilty about something else – and it might not even be related to my relationship. I have no idea what it is about, but…




Except, well, I talk in my sleep. I thought I had stopped, but DD and I got to talking a while back and he mentioned that I still do it. He said it’s never coherent, just mumbling.


Given these recent dreams, I’m just hoping my mumbling doesn’t turn into screaming another man’s name while in the middle of a heated dream.


I fear that might take some explaining.



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6 responses to “Disturbing dreams

  1. I’ve had those kinds of dreams before. Nothing graphic, but most definitely jarring. Here’s hoping you clear that conscience of yours and begin sleeping soundly once again!

  2. Passion-less sex sounds a lot like me! Was it!?!

    If it was…I rule!

  3. reederscorner

    Oh those dreams… I remember when I was in a relationship I had this kind of dream and I woke thinking I was in big trouble. So weird how something like that can shake you up so bad!

  4. Ahhh yeah screaming another man’s name in your sleep may cause concern but it’s just a dream, it has to mean something else.

  5. It’s funny (not haha) but ironic since I’ve been having some interesting dreams as of late as well. I’m not much of a dream-expert but I hope its just a ‘thing’ and passes. And nothing interesting comes out of your little mouth while sleeping.

    It happened to me once…it wasn’t pretty.

  6. This happened to me on Thursday… not only did E think I was saying the name “Glen” in my sleep (and I do not know anyone named Glen), but Tim the Ex texted me at 1:30am and woke us both up. The boyfriend was NOT pleased and I had to spend something like half an hour telling him he’s the only one I want to be with forever and ever, etc.

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