Happy Bloggy Bday!

Exactly 365 days ago, on a whim after a long coffee/writing date with a friend, A Super Girl was born.

Since then, I’ve discussed everything from the crazy-crazy to the mundane.

I’ve visited a strip club for the first time — and ended up on stage.

I’ve taken the first vacay with DD and said the first I Love Yous.

I’ve survived the economic downtown (for now).

Through it all, you’ve been there (here?). Offering a comment of support, or simply reading and sending positive thoughts.

When I started this thing, I had high hopes of becoming “Internet famous”. After all, when you start publishing your work, isn’t that one of the reasons you do so?

A year later, I’m not so famous. My readership has increased, but only slightly. My piece of the Internet is a small piece, but it’s a comfortable piece. I know what it takes to be famous, but quite honestly? I just don’t have that kind of energy. I’m satisfied with this little blog and am so happy to have “met” all the people I have.

But I know I haven’t met all of you. Maybe you’re lurking in the corner, taking something away from the blogs I write, but never feeling motivated to say anything.

So in honor of a year of talking about myself to the vast Interwebs, here’s your chance. As you’ve read about the super fabulous life of this super girl, what’s been missing? What burning questions about me have you wondered? OK, maybe you’ve never wondered anything. Either way, make something up. Because I’m a comment whore like that.

Whether you comment on every post or have never stepped out of the corner, it’s an un-official de-lurking day up in here.

Gimme your best questions and I’ll give you my best answers.



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11 responses to “Happy Bloggy Bday!

  1. ria

    if you got laid off would you consider leaving Michigan? If so where would you want to go and if not why?

    happy blog birthday!!!

  2. Happy anniversary, my dear! Let’s say one day you achieve internet stardom. What would you do with yourself – leave the blog as is? Take it in a new direction? Pay for a new layout? Do tell!

  3. I may be one of the only people who didn’t start a blog to be internet famous. I started to keep track of my life… but now I want to be internet famous 🙂

  4. Happy birthday, SG!

    I love reading your blog because you are real and not “Internet famous.” Keep up the random rants, they are v. entertaining…and perhaps some of that fame is lurking around the corner.

    P.S. I nearly wet myself when I read your stripper story!!!

  5. Congrats to you! And Happy Birthday, blog!

    I just came here for the first time today. Gonna do some reading, and commenting, and all that jazz. Hope to see more of you!

  6. Happy blogoversary, dear! So glad I found your comfy corner of the interwebs 😉

  7. happy blogoversary! woo woo!

  8. reederscorner

    Happy Blog Birthday!!! BTW Your famous in my eyes 😉

  9. Court

    It really has been 365 days? I remember that night! Happy Blogoversary!

  10. Happy bloggy birthday, be sure to buy yourself something nice.

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