And the madness begins

Final Four tickets

Why yes, those are actual tickets to the Final Four.

It all came together beautifully, really. A project at work that was a major headache became those lovely tickets. Wouldn’t have been a big deal had MSU — the alma mater of both DD and I — not advanced to Detroit.

About three weeks ago, I knew tickets were a possibility. But, not being a huge basketball fan, I wasn’t willing to shell out $200+ per ticket unless MSU made it, and we’d have to order tickets before we knew for sure. DD and I discussed it and had pretty much decided we weren’t going to buy them. Except, then I accidentally missed the deadline for buying them and was told I could purchase them past the deadline, and after MSU made it into the Final Four.


The funny and perhaps slightly awkward thing is that my parents are joining DD and I. Originally I thought I could only buy two tickets and had been operating under that assumption. This weekend, I found out it was 4, and happened to mention it to my parents. My mom (who’s probably the least into basketball of anyone I know) jumped at the chance as she watched MSU smoke Louisville. Not thinking about the 20 other friends who would want to go with DD and I, and not wanting to say no to the family, I quickly agreed to buy the other two tickets for them.

Today, I thought twice about it and realized how many other people could have gone with us, and felt a little weird. Felt a little like one of the uncool kids who does everything with her parents. You know, the back-in-high-school uncool kid. DD seemed fine with the arrangement, and it’s not like they don’t know each other. After further reflection, I realized that my parents did pay for me to be a Spartan and my dad always complains that I never took him to any sporting events when I was in school, so I suppose they deserve it.

So this Saturday night, DD and I will be cheering on our Spartans, throwing a couple beers back — with my parents. Exciting, no?



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8 responses to “And the madness begins

  1. Exciting only if you throw a few shout-outs to my beloved Tar Heels during the second game!!! I’m drooling at those tickets. So awesome!

  2. sillygrrl

    score!! have fun!

  3. reederscorner

    That’s awesome!!! You’re going to have a blast 🙂

  4. Oh man, let the craziness begin. Cool looking tickets.

  5. ria

    that is awesome! you are going to have a great time and how great that State made it!!! have tons of fun!

  6. okay that is so cool. have so much fun at the game!

  7. livelaughhopelove

    Oooh I’ll be there too… but i’m cheering for your rival (Go Huskies!!!)

    Sorry. It should be fun though!

  8. I forgive you for rooting for the Spartans even though I’m a Tar Heel. THAT’S how much I love you!!!

    Have an absolute blast… even if it is with Moms and Pops!

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