A brief interlude

So, how ’bout them Spartans? Being at the game last night was pretty fabulous, and it was even more fabulous that they made it into the final game tomorrow. Makes shelling out the cash for tickets extra worth it now that I’ll get to see them make a run for the championship. 

I have a feeling I may be outnumbered in the blogosphere, which contains an insane amount of Tar Heels (I’m talking to you, Nilsa and LiLu!). I fear you may best my Spartans, but I’m still hoping for a good fight.

In other news, I (want to) promise to get back on the blogging routine. I seem to have become a much better commenter than blogger, and even my commenting is slowing these days. Hoping to take some time tonight and re-focus.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this brief interlude, complete with Final Four photos.

From our seats...not too shabby at all!

From our seats...not too shabby at all!


Celebrating a win!

Celebrating a win!

The players also exited via our aisle…hello Kalin Lucas and Durrell Summers! (and random guy’s hand…)


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6 responses to “A brief interlude

  1. i’m actually excited to watch the game tomorrow. go state!

  2. Ah…. So sorry we took you down, love… well, yanno, not really. But a teeny bit.

  3. reederscorner

    Cool pictures!!! You were really close!

  4. While I may not like your home state or your team, I do love those seats! Way to go – hope you had fun!!!

  5. It’s on like Donkey Kong tonight! ❤

  6. Great pictures! What a great game too.

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