The simplest decisions

Lately, decisions have been on my mind. And just how simple some of the most important decisions of my life have been.

Sure, there have been some hard ones, too. I only decided where I went to college after months of agonizing and fighting with my parents. They wanted me to go to a smaller school; I wanted to go where my friend was going. The decision took forever to make and 5 years later, I consider it one of the best decisions I’ve made.

But then there are those that take 5 minutes but can change your life forever. Decisions like where to have dinner or whether to have drinks after work.

See, I wouldn’t have met DD had I not agreed to go to a Happy Hour one night. Something so simple that, had I changed my mind or chickened out (as I was close to doing), would have landed me in a very different place today. You never really think that having a cocktail is going to change your life. Sure, I knew I was meeting a guy, but I had no idea it was going to go where it has.

That’s the thing about decisions. You just never know how they’ll turn out.

What are some of the biggest simple decisions you’ve made?



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8 responses to “The simplest decisions

  1. Oh how this rings true! Back in the day when I was on, they had this function that allowed you to see who viewed your profile. I saw this (hot) guy viewed my profile and couldn’t figure out why he didn’t contact me. So, I contacted him. Turns out, he was intimidated to contact me. One thing led to another and now we’re married. Best little decision I ever made!

  2. ria

    i met C when i agreed to go to a bar with my boss who was 20 years older than me. she took me to bars i would never go to in my life. i also saw my ex-b/f that night too. it’s crazy how little things have big a impact

  3. I almost didn’t go get an after dinner drink where I met B. And THEN I almost cancelled our first date because I though he was too shy to handle me! God, it breaks my heart to think how close I came to never knowing him…

  4. biggest simplest things, i almost didn’t go with my friend to her bf (my friends) house one summer afternoon and if i hadn’t of gone, i never would have met a ton of guys that i’m still friends with to this day, one of which was matt, my current bf 🙂

  5. I had been living in Chicago for about six months and had not really met any friends. then I went to a networking event one night, that I really didn’t want to go to, met a girl at a bar and now we’re best friends and have friends in common too. It’s funny how those things work out.

  6. i found you through jessica (waves to jessica) and thought i’d comment on this.

    i made a huge decision a year after my split with the ex husband that i would move to chicago. i had about 4 places i could go (all different states) and no way did i want to stay in arkansas.

    my eventual decision to move to chicagoland lead to the meeting of my current (not quite yet official-he’s working on the ring! lol) fiance. i can not imagine my life without him. he’s truly wonderful. and its all because i chose blistering cold and actually having a snowy winter over the more tropical options.

    ps, i’m going to add you to my reader list. i think i might enjoy getting to know you!

  7. sillygrrl

    this is why i’m turning into a yes lady. i spent a lot of time putting up walls and protecting myself from things i was sure i didn’t want to do. now i have plans every day this week with lots of new people – who knows where it will get me, but it’s a lot of fun!

  8. Getting back together with E after everything that went wrong with us. It was hard not to scream “yes!” and throw myself in his arms. It was hard to take time to weigh the decision. I already knew the answer.

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