The many men of yoga

Sadly, I’m not talking about the newest calendar of half-naked men. Though that’s not a bad idea…

[pause for mental image]


Now that I’ve taken my yoga self to a real studio, I’m noticing that more and more men are in my classes. At the gym, there was always one or two, and it the class I took at a local community college there were none.

While I was waiting for torture class to start tonight, I looked around and realized the men in my class — and probably across the yoga spectrum — fall into very specific categories. They include:

  • The yoga duuuuude. This guy is so obviously there to meet women. Sure he enjoys the class, but it’s obvious there’s an alterior motive as he chats up the ladies. In my experience, he’s also a mat hog. As in, he overtakes his own mat and comes precariously close to invading your mat and subsequent personal space. Perhaps that’s all part of his game.
  • The hard-core yogi. He stands out in the crowd because unlike your other classmates, he is spending the few minutes before class getting into shape. Because apparently the 1+ hour workout you’re about to have just isn’t enough. His pre-class routine usually includes push-ups, arm circles, and various forms of stretching to “gear up” for the next 75 minutes of pushing yourself to the limit. (Again…why?) It should also be noted the hard-core yogi appears to be hard-core in other aspects of his life. For example, he’s covered in tattoos or has the back of his neck pierced with studs. (Seriously. The BACK of his neck. I didn’t even know that was possible.)
  • The husbandly-duty yogi. You’ll find this man next to his wife, fulfilling is role as a husband/boyfriend. He’s decent at yoga, but you can tell he’s only there to spend some QT with his wife.
  • The laid-back yogi. Possibly the most authentic of the crew. He’s into it enough that it affects his life, allowing him to be physically fit and in line with his spiritual energy. You’ll often find this yogi hugging his fellow classmates and making casual conversation before and after class. Yet, he’s not so into yoga that he ventures into the hard-core yogi category, mainly because he lacks the crazy warm-up routine.

Should you ever venture into a yoga class, consider yourself warned. Or, if you’re an avid people watcher like me, well, I hope you find the same joy in watching the many men of yoga.



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3 responses to “The many men of yoga

  1. I need to take a yoga class. I feel odd having men in the same class me though. I don’t know why

  2. reederscorner

    I went once and I was so freaked out and embarrassed that I have the worst balance ever that I never went back… LOL

  3. Andrea

    In Davis there are lots of male yogis – my favorite at the bikram studio where I used to go was speedo yogi. He wore (only) a brightly colored speedo to class. Granted its damn hot in there (105 degrees) but I never thought it necessary to attend the class only in my underpants.

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